Audrey Auld Mezera & Nina Gerber

Audrey Auld Mezera & Nina Gerber


This two-woman show features great songs & humorous stories from Audrey & transcendental music from virtuoso guitarist Nina Gerber on acoustic & electric. Folk, Americana, Country, Roots - acoustic ballads, beautiful instrumentals and touches of twang. T:615-613-6205


Magic is created when Audrey Auld Mezera & Nina Gerber share the stage. Songs both poignant and wry, and humorous stories enhanced by Nina's virtuoso work on acoustic and electric guitar.

Audrey's songs and Nina's instrumentation create transcendental moments for everyone - whether it's a gentle acoustic ballad, an all-out twangin' country song or a folk/rock piece where improvisation takes the lead.

The show is interspersed with Nina's touching instrumentals and Audrey's hilarious tales told with an Australian tongue-in-cheek.

Nina Gerber makes everyone sound great - Greg Brown, Karla Bonoff, Eliza Gilkyson, Mary Gauthier, Jackson Browne, Laurie Lewis, Dave Alvin - to name a few. She's well-known in folk music circles for her many years acompanying Kate Wolf.

Audrey Auld Mezera is an Australian singer/songwriter with 7 albums to her credit, 10+ years of international touring and winner of the '06 MerleFest Chris Austin song contest.

“She writes and sings songs with a worldly truth... She not only sounds like she grew up on Music Row in Nashville, but she writes the kinds of songs that built Music Row in the first place.” ~ G. Meline, North Bay Bohemian

"Enough can't be said about how valuable Nina Gerber is to so many acoustic music projects in the area... Yet to put herself in the spotlight she deserves, Gerber has evolved from the late Kate Wolf's accompanist into an accomplished arranger and producer and a ubiquitous sidewoman... Gerber fleshes out each tune with brisk fills and sensitive solos that never distract from the fundamental feeling or direction of the composition. Unlike so many showboating rock guitarists these days, she plays to the singer and song, not to a video-addled audience's idea of virtuosity... Impeccable taste... Subtle six-string brilliance." ~ East Bay Express

“’In The House’ is a document of pure fluidity. Second to Mezera’s songwriting is her expressionistic phrasing, something that Lucinda Williams and Patty Griffin share. When she sings that “you’d leave me stra-a-nded” it feels as if her entire body were supported by tiny twigs, each slowly starting to crack. When this delicacy is augmented by Gerber’s sprawling atmosphere of arpeggios, absolute chemistry is at play.” ~ Gabe Meline, North Bay Bohemian

“When presented with the opportunity to host Audrey Auld Mezera and Nina Gerber in concert, I couldn’t say “Yes” fast enough. I became a fan of Audrey’s about two years ago and have hosted her and seen her numerous times, always totally enthralled with her shows. Audrey’s songwriting, singing and performances are quite captivating - with the songs touching on a variety of subjects, making us laugh and feel sorrow, inspiration, pain and love – all delivered with her beautiful voice. She always creates a good concert and lights up the room with her gorgeous smile and stories. It's no wonder there's a growing group of “Audrey-Heads.”
I’ve seen Nina Gerber countless times since the 1970's when she first played with Kate Wolf. I know I’m not alone when I say she is absolutely incredible and anyone that gets to hear her play live is fortunate.
Through the years it’s been a pleasure to hear Nina accompany different musicians, representing a variety of genres, always amazing with her sensitive, effortless playing, never “getting in the way,” but always adding immensely. I never tire of witnessing Nina’s talents.
So, the thought of hearing Audrey and Nina together in an intimate theatre setting was so exciting I found myself counting the days for the concert to happen. The show exceeded my wildest expectations! The chemistry between the two women was electrifying. Nina played a variety of acoustic and electric styles, “stretching out,” even for her, complementing every nuance in Audrey's songs. Coupled with Audrey’s fabulous songwriting, glowing smiles, gorgeous voice and giggles, the night was nothing short of magical. I know the sold-out crowd was as blown away as I was.
I’m thrilled that the concert from Studio E is being made available for the world to hear (“In The House”). No matter how hard I try to describe the night, no words can convey what we heard. I suspect you’ll be able to hear Audrey’s smiles and Nina’s voice in her guitars. I hope that you enjoy the concert as much as I did!”
Laurie Schaeffer, Schaef-Abel Productions February, 2006


"IN THE HOUSE - Live In '05" Double CD

Set List

Mainly originals with a few covers by Fred Eaglesmith, Patty Griffin, Mary Gauthier and instrumentals by Nina.
1 or 2 sets.