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Audrey Cadieux


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Who Holds You Now

Written By: Audrey Cadieux

You can't go on.
And your feelings never show.
Still looking for,
The love you've never known

Just like a child,
Standing in the rain,
You're waiting for,
Someone to call your name.


Who holds you now,
When you fall
When your innocence betrays,
All you are,
And your hope in silence waits,
For eternity's embrace,
Who holds you now

Pick up your heart,
Start all over and again,
Right where you are,
He's waiting to begin
He'll never leave you broken and alone
Come to the one
Who holds your empty soul


He holds you now
When you fall
When your innocence betrays
All you are
And your hope in silence waits
For eternity's embrace...
He holds you now
He holds