Audrey Can't Die
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Audrey Can't Die

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"3 Song Demo"

-Quick Pocket Jury
-Shovel Agnes
-Dirt Track Obsolete

Mesmerizing guitar-driven hooks punctuated by fervent vocals is the highlight of audrey can't die's 3-song sampler. Sporting a post-grunge chivalry, Rob Pierce, Jason Boutwell and Bryan Panzeri take lessons from a late eighties Seattle scene; Nirvana in particular. The band is tight and tense and show off their recording prowess by recording these three cuts in their rehearsal space. Not bad for a demo...not bad at all! - The Metronome 2001

"The Local Vibe"

"Audrey Can't Die", a local rock band hailing from Lowell, Ma, combines ferverent lyrics, and a great post-grunge sound to create an awesome and energetic show full of exceptionally good music.

"Audrey" combines the talents of Rob Pierce (vocals/guitar), Jason Boutwell (bass), Dan Kump (guitar), and Bryan Panzeri (drums). Together these seasoned live performers put on a spectacle full of charisma, which could hold a serious comparison to the great "Nirvana".

Taking full creative control, Pierce has generated a completely original musical sound that can not be categorized. "To me, its just the crap I write in my room", Pierce says. With such major indie influences as "Pedro the Lion", and "Guided by Voices", this "crap" is anything but. His melodious and emotionally charged vocals captivate the entire room; you cant help but fall into a musical trance during their performance.

"Audrey" is just a group of four reclusive, not cocky guys, enjoying what they love most- playing good music. "I love, love going to practice...this is the best fit that I've ever been out of all the separate bands I've played with. Im having a ton of fun, its really enjoyable", Kump declares. Judging by their chemistry on stage, it is totally evident at how much they truly love playing music.

With a growing fan base out of the Boston and Lowell area, "Audrey Can't Die" has gained respect in the local music scene. "If we got to put together a show, which we usually get to do, its bands we know and like and are somewhat the same level as us". So we think people are going to see a good show, not just a good band.

The guys of "Audrey Can't Die" hope to expand their fan base over the next three years and to tour the East Coast. The world cannot deny pure, raw talent, which is exactly what Audrey brings to the table.

If there is only room in your busy schedule to see one show in the next month or so, definitely make an effort to check these guys out. They will totally and completely blow you away!

For upcoming shows and to get a taste of "Audrey Cant Die", check out their website, - The MBCC Beacon

"Full Length Review"

-Two Bits
-Dirt Track Obsolete
-Quick Pocket Jury
-Distinctive Martyrs
-Not Tonight Dear, I Have A Headache
-The Fall

Audrey Can't Die has a dark, brooding sound fueled by intoxicating rhythms, buzzing guitars and stark vocals. Singer-guitarist Rob Pierce leads Audrey's aural assault along with bandmates drummer Bryan Panzeri and bassist Jason Boutwell along with guest players Dan Kump and Nick Gladyszak on guitars.

Sounding like Curt Cobain's Nirvana in their early days, Audrey Can't Die continues to carry the torch for the once tormented Seattle pop genius. Check out "Hospitals", and the effervescent "Quick Pocket Jury" for a quick Northwest fix. - The Metronome 2004

"Live Review"

Evos Lowell, MA 10/4/02

audrey can't die is a three-piece who look as though they have a median age of about 18, but they are in fact, all pretty seasoned local pros of one kind or another. On stage, they come off very much as a band-which is a tough thing for a unit with one major creative force. Rob Pierce is the songsmith/ yeller/ axe, and shows some good presence without making it all about him. These are three just plain likable guys, and there's room for all of them to show it, despite the fact that every time bassist Jason Boutwell opens his mouth the Evos crowd tells him to shut up. Bunch of ball busters. Some real good post-punk power pop (Caught you moving your lips while reading. Look, your reading finger is all wet). They'll be releasing their first full-length by the end of November. Can't wait.
- The Noise


We have several self releases and a couple of compilations we appear on: 1. Three Song Demo 2. Live From The Fallout Shelter 3. Self Titled Full Length 4. Ruckus Compilation Winter 2004 5. Shut Eye Records Buzzlighter Compilation 6. WUML Fallout Shelter Best of the Last 20 Years Compilation 7. Bricks and Morter Compilation
Quick Pocket Jury off of our self titled full length is used for radio play.


Feeling a bit camera shy


We are a three piece from the Lowell Massachusetts area that enjoy playing live and recording. Our major influences are in no particular order: Guided By Voices, Pixies, Pedro The Lion, Tom Waits and some early REM