Audrey Can't Die

Audrey Can't Die


College Pop & rock trio Audrey Can’t Die, who’s name is derived from David Lynch’s early 90’s cult classic Twin Peaks, continue to make there presence felt throughout the Boston scene. Taking lead from Boston great Pixies all the way to Chicago’s Wilco, Audrey Can’t Die produce a raw, powerful sound


We are a three piece from the Lowell Massachusetts area that enjoy playing live and recording. Our major influences are in no particular order: Guided By Voices, Pixies, Pedro The Lion, Tom Waits and some early REM


We have several self releases and a couple of compilations we appear on: 1. Three Song Demo 2. Live From The Fallout Shelter 3. Self Titled Full Length 4. Ruckus Compilation Winter 2004 5. Shut Eye Records Buzzlighter Compilation 6. WUML Fallout Shelter Best of the Last 20 Years Compilation 7. Bricks and Morter Compilation
Quick Pocket Jury off of our self titled full length is used for radio play.

Set List

We try to keep our sets to a maximum of 45 minutes and we play no covers. Here is a typical set for us.
1. Song About You 2. Oceans 3. Dirt Track Obsolete 4. Hospitals 5. 5th Grade 6. Sonic 7. Desperate 8. The Couch 9. Goodbye 10. Quick Pocket Jury