Audrey Can't Die

Audrey Can't Die

 Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Formed in the summer of 2003, front man Rob Pierce chose to take his music in a new direction and formed the band "Audrey Can't Die". Rob followed the lead from Boston’s own "Pixies" and Chicago’s "Wilco", and produced a raw and powerful post grunge/indie rock sound that is all their own.


Audrey Can’t Die was formed in 2003 when Rob Pierce wanted to take his music in a new direction from his previous band. He was joined by Jason Boutwell on bass, Bryan Panzeri on drums, and Dan Kump on guitar. Their self titled, independently released record shortly thereafter was well received and Audrey Can’t Die was viewed as an emerging talent in the growing music scene in the Lowell area.
“College Pop & rock group Audrey Can't Die, whose name is derived from David Lynch's early 90's cult classic Twin Peaks, continue to make their presence felt throughout the Boston scene. Taking lead from Boston’s great Pixies all the way to Chicago's Wilco, Audrey Can't Die produce a raw, powerful sound all their own.” – CD Baby
In 2004, Audrey Can’t Die released their 2nd album, “Incredible Belief in Lies” which was self produced in their own rehearsal studio. This album took a new direction and featured a varying mix of material, drawing influences from Guided By Voices, Wilco, Nirvana, and Buffalo Tom. Audrey Can’t Die promoted their new record heavily, playing many venues in Boston and appearing on WJUL and Pixy 103. It was around this time that John Kolakowski joined the group to replace the departing Dan Kump.
Two years later in 2006, Audrey’s drummer Bryan Panzeri left Audrey to pursue a music career in California. After many auditions, Audrey found its perfect match in Bobby Ackroyd, who coincidentally is the leading front man of another local band, Kinnar. With their lineup once again complete, Audrey began work on their next record in January of 2008. This record would again be self produced, but this time would feature a more detailed and polished sound. In December of that year, Audrey Can’t Die released “Waving at Parked Cars” and received high praise from critics.
“At a time when rhythm reigns on the radio, we sometimes forget the subtle power of a great melody. Until we hear one. Throw in the lush guitar work of John Kolakowski, Rob Pierce’s poignant and poetic lyrics and pleading vocals, and you get a rock album that seduces, grabs and holds on long after the first listen.” - Peter Lavender, Lowell Sun
As the record neared completion, original member Jason Boutwell decided to leave the band to devote more time to his growing family. His void was filled when long time friend Gary Nigg agreed to join the group. Gary’s familiarity with the band’s material and his meticulous attention to detail allowed Audrey to pick up exactly where they left off and promote their new record.
In early 2009, Bobby left the band and Audrey found a new drummer in Phil McKay. Phil was currently playing with Kinnar and Ichabod, and his unique style created a new spark that has really elevated their live performances.
In 2011 Audrey is currently playing many different venues and attracting new fans everywhere they go. They look to release a new record in early 2011.
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Audrey Can't Die - 2002
Incredible Belief in Lies - 2005
Waving at Parked Cars - 2008