Audrey  Lapraik

Audrey Lapraik


a bluesy, folksy, rough and tumble, gritty, soulful voice the likes of Lucinda Williams taking a stroll with Johnny Cash, laid on top of sparse guitar and kill-ya with honesty lrics. Lapraik has the uncanny ability to capture an audience's attention in a way few performers can.


Audrey Lapraik began her musical career by contributing sparse lead guitar on the Baptist Generals' 2003 SubPop Release "No Silver/No Gold". Soon after, she began weaving her own tales in a drafty oversized back bedroom with creaky floors, which no doubt aided the eery, backwoodsy, ambience Lapraik is known for. She began performing solo gigs around the college town of Denton, Texas in the latter part of 2004. She drew a crowd as well as the attention of local promoters, club-owners and media. In 2008, she began playing with a full band which sometimes acts as no more than minimalist accompaniment behind Lapraik's commanding voice and guitar. Her influences include anyone with a story to tell and a voice to do it with. Old gospel, country, blues and folk were the first records she bought that inspired her to begin writing her own songs. With stories about love, loss, family, friends, and redemption, what sets Audrey Lapraik apart is her honesty and heartfelt vocal stylings that she has truly made her own. On the last regional outing with the band, a fan ran up to the stage in tears to share her own story with Audrey, whose voice and stories she said she found kinship with immediately.


Audrey Lapraik EP-2005
Audrey Lapraik - "The WeatherMan Lied" ( in post-production)