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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




It's no less than twelve well written and magnificently performed statements from the pen and voice of Audrey Martell and the instruments and knob twisting of cohort Mattias Gustafsson half of which deserve hands down hit status. It would be a triumph for a major label. For indies Martells and Gustafsson, it is monumental, they pieced Life Lines together over three years, creating songs and bits of songs on the fly in the studio until a completed work emerged, which basically meant three long years of frustration and exhilaration and depression and pure joy before they came up with this, uh finished product (which is how a major label would describe it, but a work this good is more than product,it is almost a living ,breathing entity in itself). Such hard work would be nothing without the tunes and the chops, though, and they deliver both in quantity. - Frank Gutch/music


CD "Life Lines" released January 2006

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Like "Janice" "Aretha" and "Tina" Audrey has always appreciated the type of performers that were not dependent on tricks of the video age. If you can't remember the last time you heard a song that crystalized an important moment in your life then you need to not sleep. Make sure you check out NYC's own Audrey Martell. She'll leave you feeling touched in a place that few artists are able to reach. Her music shoots you through the heart.