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Audrey Vanessa @ The Starlight

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

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"...with 1,800 miles later Audrey Vanessa introduces herself within the commercial music world with a bold statement of talent and promise." David Caddell, KFMU Radio - KFMU Music Reviews

Audrey Vanessa is a developing artist with tremendous promise. Her self-released debut 1800 Miles Later is a dynamic recording filled with emotive vocals, that are clearly understandable, and the lyrics are all about…well, you guessed it, relationships, lovers won and lost during the journey of life. The sounds may be different but the story lines never change. After all, what else is there in life without love from our fellow human beings? Whether it’s about the love that is happening right now or the one you just lost, the bottom line is most artists do sing about the subject in some of their songs. In this case, Audrey’s main theme is about relationships and her feelings surrounding each situation and or person. You can never be sure if it’s a personal diary or fictional when you are listening but know one thing, this lady turns on her magic and sex appeal and makes each story believable in some way. Whether it applies to your own life or someone you know, it all works between the music and lyrics presented on this CD. I tend to think after listening to this CD three times that this all heartfelt stuff, she sings with too much conviction and emotion for it to be anything else, she owns it all a few seconds into each track.

The music is a key factor in helping Vanessa to get her point across in every song and the seasoned players that contribute their talents cooperate beautifully to enhance her voice and add tremendous energy and conviction to her vocal workouts and straight-to-the-heart lyrical content. Every song has substance and a solid foundation but the best track for my ears is "Let Go." This hook-laden song is a rocker yet Audrey’s vocals are smooth and understated, which lets you sink your teeth into all the great music and powerful lyrics she is singing. That track is the best bet for a successful single and high volume airplay. The track that follows is a stab at a Latin flavored ditty, it works and then it doesn’t, her voice is wonderful but does not match the music, she is well suited to every other track on the album however. This is the only song that steps away from her format. I do have to give her credit for trying something different and taking a chance, many folks would not do it, particularly on a debut. On the subsequent track "Addiction," she totally redeems herself with some great catchy music and lyrics to match. I liked seven out eight tracks, which is not a bad batting average.

There is a bright future ahead for this young woman, who will soon be celebrating her 21st birthday. Keep your eyes and ears open to her progress, I would be willing to bet you will start seeing her name pop everywhere very soon.
- Keith "Musikman" Hannaleck


1,800 miles later - CD - self-released January 2006

Audrey's college radio promotion was a success with over 150 stations throughout the US and Canada adding the CD to their playlist. Make Your Move was the track most played by College Radio.

Let Go Dance Remix - CD - self released Nov 2007

DJ Tracy Young's remix of the song Let Go is climbing the Dance Club Charts



To confine Audrey to one style of music would not be fair or as interesting. So many artists are driven to find a sound, their sound, and then record CDs that fail to entertain after the first four songs. Audrey’s music does not follow that formula and it is refreshing to hear. Audrey recently said “I have been writing songs since I was in Middle School. Because I have been writing for so long, it is fun to experiment with new sounds and see where the songs can go; what type of personality each song will have. The recording process really lets me take my song ideas to another level.”

Audrey's debut CD, 1,800 miles later, is a journey through relationships and emotion. Rock anthems like Let Go and I’m Gone are interspersed with straight-up singer songwriter hymns of angst and love in Comfortably Lonely, Walk Away and I’ll Be. R&B inspired Make Your Move haunts you, whimsical Addiction brings hope and Latin influenced Without You has you dancing to the conga breakdown. Through it all Audrey’s vocals whisper, glide and punch with effortless and soulful delivery.

Audrey's music captures everyone from 14 years old to 50 years old and beyond. Her show can entertain a bar crowd or an all ages festival with its wide appeal. You can book this act easily with other acts because it incorporates elements of many styles of music that are popular in venues today.