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My music is the hottest sound out right now its different and people will enjoy it. the songs are put together with my blood sweat and tears; people say hip hop is dead or gone well consider my music the reinvention of hip hop.


AGM records has big plans for the music industry; the solo artist currently known as Audwin Mckie is a talented lyricist and he produces hot beats he brings back what hip hop used to be and he brings it together with what hip hop is today. Audwin beats and lyrics, are different than a lot of rappers in the industry; Rappers today, just rap; I rap from the soul which gives my songs more meaning, energy, and power. Making beats and adding lyrics to these beats is something Audwin has had a talent for since sixth grade; he has the ability to write lyrics for many genres including Rap, R&B, and Gospel, and Rock. Being dedicated to music is an understatement its his life.


Audwin has put out 3 tracks for the public ears, although his songs has not received any radio play they can be heard on his myspace page at the songs are "Tell me" "What u know bout it" and "My Environment"

Set List

the songs recorded are "Tell me" What u know bout it" "My environment" and three freestyles that shows his lyrical talent