Auf Wiedersehen

Auf Wiedersehen


SITE: WORK IN PROGRESS. From quiet acoustic laments and promises to Heavy Guitar driven rock and all in between. There's a little bit of country, some things electronic; Some stuff for films, there's music for parties, funerals and weddings.


Auf Wiedersehen is a solo project i began in November of 2007 after a few years of doing the garage band thing. So far sets have been variations of solo, solo with electronic backing and those swinging in muso friends to fill in on various instruments.

Previous to that i wrote and performed with One Shining Moment who played a couple hundred gigs over the course of a few years in WA. New Years Eve 06/07 at Gloucester park supporting End of Fashion and Faker being the highlight of that outfit.

I was inspired to write music after i felt the understanding and 'company' it provided me through various times in my life. Listening to bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and the Cure... the back drop they played to events as they'd unfold. I felt i would like to be that to someone else as they might go through experiences i did; be they joy or sadness. I wanted to capture emotion and feeling in music.

As I've gone on, i've listened to more and more and made attempts (at least) at writing songs of as many genres as am able. Things as diverse as heavy guitar driven rock, melodic music box material, pieces designed for film and television, electronica, dance and some tribal inspired things.

The aim of Auf Wiedersehen i would suppose, is to cover as wide a range of material as im able to, in complimenting the spectrum of emotion and experiences we as humans discover.


Paper Cuts

Written By: Adam Burford

I could stay here forever
'till i grew old and you as well
We'll watch the clouds roll above us
and shooting stars as they fell
dry your eyes, i could never
get it right, so don't ever
regret a thing
i could walk this world forever
and never find a light as bright as you
counting days i've been away from you
dry your eyes, i could never
get it right, so don't ever
regret a thing
don't regret a thing
don't regret a thing

Set List

typical set duration between of 30 & 40 minutes: might look something like this...
1. paper cuts
2. my world
3. nobody
4. wake up
5. apollos great moon party
6. pingu
7. the one
8. the race