Augusta National Golf Club

Augusta National Golf Club


Alternative rock from Belgium influenced by Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, Calexico, PJ Harvey, Wilco, John Lennon, The Doors, Masters of Reality, and many others ...


The jury of the "City of Bilbao" pop-rock contest has selected AUGUSTA NATIONAL GOLF CLUB to go on to the second stage of the competition which consists of playing live in BilboRock (5/17/2007) - 'People in Pairs' on soundtrack motion picture Ex drummer (1/22/2007) - Winner Rock Benelux, Diesel-U-Music London (10/4/2006) - Showcase Cactus Club, Bruges (6/24/2006)

Augusta National Golf Club (ANGC): the name originates from the famous golf club in Georgia (USA), what is now the masters tournament. This club is located on a former plantation, founded by the Flemish baron Berckmans in 1857. It is well-known for its beautiful flowers and peach trees, and eighteen holes carry the name of a flower...

It all begins in 2003. Steven Heene, formerly in a band called Presley, finds the time right to share his songs with mankind. Together with Bart Bauters on drums (ex Berliner) and Ben Van Camp (ex LalaLover, Hong Kong Dollar) on guitars a first demo is recorded. The band's name is Money, as a tribute to Johnny Cash. End of 2004, bass player Klaas Delvaux (An Pierle) is asked to join the band. 'Barefoot in better times' is played on Cucamonga (Radio 1). Quote: "From time to time we receive a demo and if it is good, we play it!".

Early 2005 Steven has written some new songs (People in Pairs, Best of Friends, Electrified, Contender...) and the decision is made to change the band name into Augusta National Golf Club (ANGC). A second demo is recorded and distributed. Again Cucamonga (Radio 1) is enthusiastic and 'People in Pairs' opens the late night session in July 2005. Quote: "Keep your eyes and ears on this band!". Bram Delvaux (Off With Their Heads) joins the band.

Winter 2005 Steven writes some new material (Lazy man Dan, The wrong tree, Freud, I Shop, Oranges too...). In may 2006 ANGC starts with the preproduction of a first full CD in the Emielstudio in arts center Vooruit, Ghent. Finally, in december the band records fourteen songs in the former restaurant of the Ostend railway station; sound engineer of these live sessions is Karel De Backer (Zita Swoon, Think of One...). Mixing is scheduled for january 2007...


- debut album: "People in Pairs" release 2007
- Soundtrack "Ex drummer", release 22 January 2007 (label PIAS)
- demo 2006
- 'pre-production' full CD @ Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent (B) May 2006
- 'People in Pairs' mastered by Karel De Backer May 2006 (
- 'demo 2005'

Set List

- Contender
- People in pairs
- Party sounds
- Best of friends
- Lazy man Dan
- The wrong tree
- Freud
- What she wants
- Electrified