August Christopher

August Christopher


AC combines blazing guitar solos and instrument swaps with ad-lib freestyling, catchy pop songs, and a beer funnel! Go to to download MUST-SEE VIDEO!


August Christopher has performed with bands like Nickelback, Tonic, Filter, Stroke 9, Default, Pat Travers, Blue Oyster Cult, Slaughter, Sugar Ray, Ludacris, Jackyll, to name a few, and quite honestly they blow the headliners away at many of these shows.

The band has been published on TNT/TBS, Fox/Sports, ESPN, HBO, Discovery Channel, MTV Undressed, WCW Wrestling and has performed at Buzzfest III, Amsouth Amphitheatre, Cinci's Riverfest, Atlanta's Sweet Auburn Springfest, Daytona's Bikeweek, Cinci's Moonfest, Riverstages, Dancin in the District, Music City Marathon, Nashville Sunday Nights, Next Fest, NAMM, Nashville Arena, Midwest Music Conference, and more.

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE ROCK/POP GROUP. They are a party band that gets the hotties onstage; each member holds a degree in music; they have songs as heavy as Metallica, yet as soft as John Mayer. The band is diverse, involving humor, crowd participation, choreography, GREAT SONGS, and not to mention one of the baddest guitar players on the planet.

The lead singer (who performs over 200 shows per year) is absolutely crazy, diving into drumsets, freestyling, beer funneling, even giving out phone numbers of ex-girlfriends during the show! To put it simply, AC has the best live show in the country, guaranteed.

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for MUST-SEE video or contact management via the net at if you're interested in a hardcopy press package, video, full-length CD, etc.


Change the World

Written By: Criss Cheatham

All these lives to appease
Somehow starts & ends with me
Sometimes I'm tired of being
in between
A little normalcy
A few less casualties
Maybe then I will believe

There's so much more than this
You gotta learn
from the experience
Learn from the experience

Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Someday you're gonna
Change the world, baby

Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Someday you're gonna
Change the world, baby

You take your life out
on the road
And put your life down
in the show
To feel the real ups and downs
What was life like
When you were 5-years-old?
How did you see the world?
And how do you see the world

Sometimes I wish this thing
was through
But I keep screaming
till I find the truth
Till my lungs fill this whole
Damn room

Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Someday you're gonna
Change the world, baby

Foolish Games

Written By: Criss Cheatham/Frank Pierce/Chris Cagle

I've been drivin'
Down this road a million miles
Down this road a million times
Going nowhere

I've been drivin'
All day, all night
With you in my sight
Will I ever get there?

And this I say
All to you
Now you've gotta do
What you've gotta do

You - gotta choose
Win or lose
I'm through playing this game
Let me know
Stay or go
Just say the word
I'll walk away
Make up your mind
And stop wasting time
My heart is on the line
You make the rules
But the rules have changed
I've got no time
For foolish games

Let me paint you a picture
From the outside looking in
I'm on the outside looking in
Through tainted windows

Let me paint you a picture
Of reds, greens, and blues
and browns as dark as you
can be without shadows...

Down/Inside Her Head

Written By: Criss Cheatham

(dedicated to the memory
of Karen Sue Cheatham)

The old McDonald's
in the middle of town
Been bulldozed down
and Christmas trees are
where it used to stand
Everytime I come around
I'm reminded of
How each day turns me
more into a man

She's telling me a story
But I ain't listenin'
She repeats herself
until I understand
Funny thing is we both
want the same thing
A cold vanilla milkshake
in our hands

You bring me down
I bring you down
But some say it's better
On the ground

"It's a complex situation"
she says.
"There is no black.
There is no white"
I see it more
as a catastrophe
Surrounded by avenues
in every direction

She's telling me a story
But I ain't listenin'
She repeats herself
to make a stand
(It's a complex situation)
And I don't hear
a single word she says

You bring me down
I bring you down
But some say it's better
On the ground
I bring you down
You bring me down
But I'd rather be together
Than alone up in
Alone up in the clouds

I look around and wonder
If she's dreaming about
Pretty things or
Complex situations

Inside Her Head

She ain't gonna make it
through the night
Close the window
Leave the devils outside
Confusion in a shot glass
with a twist and a lime
She says she's tired of tryin'
and so am I

We played
The game
Of love
By you
Through me
The same

Why does she always walk away?
Why can't she stay and
face the pain?
It's the voice inside her head
that keeps on sayin'
Why does she always look away?
Too afraid of yesterday
The voice inside her head
keeps on sayin'

Girl, I could sing about you
all night
Hail, hail to the contraband
And the daggers in your eyes
I'm wasted again
in the hot spotlight
Yeah, I could sing about you
all night


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AC ITVD (2004)

August Christopher (2003)

Live at Wall Street '04 (2 Discs)

Live at The Warehouse '03

Live at Cheapside '03 (2 Discs)

Live at East End '01

Live at Bell Cove CD Release '99

Live at Brewing Company

Criss Solo Acoustic

AC vs. WCW

singles "Down", "Inside Her Head" national radio play

singles "TMI", "Bottle of Rage" - WCW Wrestling theme songs

singles "Turnaround", "In Style" - promotional songs for Fox/Sports, TNT/TBS

entire AC catalogue commisioned by MTV Undressed

Set List

AC shows last as long as the venue will allow. Most club shows are 3-4 hours long with NO BREAKS. Festivals, conferences, and major sporting events range from 30-120 minutes.

Album Cover
Inside Her Head
In Style
Puff Puff
Foolish Games
Caller ID
Never Been In Love B4
Love Child
Mullet Man
Bottle Of Rage
The Way It Goes
Change The World pieces
Close To You
Hard Pill To Swallow
To The Party
Rich and Famous
To Break Free
Maintenance Man
Hold On
Midnight Summer's Rain