August Ruins

August Ruins

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

We are a punk/rock band out of Pittsburgh Pa with the drive to take punk music to a new level. Combining elements of hardcore, metal, and melodic punk music we have found a unique blend of sound to capture a wide variety of listeners. Listen or see us live and discover August Ruins for yourself.


With a promise to capture the heart of Pittsburgh,
August Ruins has emerged from the Steel City underground armed with motivation, a message, and a melody. Founded in May of 2009 August Ruins formed quite randomly through craigslist ads, and ever since has found success with an explosive sound, combining the speed and melody of California punk with the technicality of modern metal. From the beginning the band has found the ability to compromise, collaborate and respect each others own musical backgrounds taking influences from the hearts of each band member to create a unique and catchy sound. August Ruins has been described as fist in the air punk rock, with blistering guitar solos and pounding double bass, but there is more...extremely catchy choruses, melodic back up vocals, and an all around passion that illuminates from each member of the band. This passion is the drive that keeps August Ruins wanting more and more, and motivation seems to be their ammunition.


2010- "The Ghost and the Gasoline" EP (can be heard in full or downloaded free on facebook, soundcloud, myspace, the internet.)

2011- "Enough to Argue" single (also on the facebook band profile and other sites, also available for free download.)

2012- "Headlines" EP (To date is still unreleased, will be streamed online as of May 1st, 2012, and will be for sale on itunes as well)

Set List

Bury Me Now
Enough to Argue
Bleed with Me
Dont Turn Away
What You Dont Know
You Decide
Not the Same
Forfeit and Deny
Gone Forgotten