Australia Is An Island

Australia Is An Island


Australia Is An Island is project about complete dance construction and destruction on the dancefloor. Expect deep wobbling bass, catchy pop hooks, and synthesizer riffs modulating up and down.


Kuato and Dubchi met in Burlington, VT while attending The University of Vermont. The two began a group called Panda Watch, that played electronic jamband music. During that stint, Panda Watch opened up for artists such as Bassnectar and The Disco Biscuits. Australia Is An Island became a side project Dubchi and Kuato to express their deeper electronic outgoings. Eventually Panda Watch dissolved, Dubchi moved to Brooklyn and Kuato moved to London. The two reunited after a year in Brooklyn, got serious about their production, and took Australia Is An Island (AUIAI) to the next level in fall 2008.

Set List

Set minimum = 30minutes
Set maximum = 5 hours

We are open to negotiations on required set time(s).