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Japanese Taiko drum duo, AUN (Twin Brothers Ryohei and Kohei Inoue),as part of an educational program for Japanese cultural exchange.

On September 16, 2005, Japanese Taiko drum duo AUN, who has based their activities in New York City since this spring, had a performance and workshop at Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem. The school has a keen interest in cultural exchange with Japan, including Japanese classes in the curriculum and scheduling Japanese cultural events every semester. - Asahi Shinbun News Paper New York Edition, Friday, September 30, 2005

Twin brothers Japanese Taiko Drum duo, AUN, released the latest album ?gE.A.S.T.?h from BMG Japan, which they aimed to merge the sound of digital and tradition.
The members of AUN are Ryohei and Kohei Inoue, who used to play instruments in a rock band whilst high school, and joined world renowned Taiko Group, ?gOndekoza?h as core members. They graduated ?gOndekoza?h 5 years ago and formed AUN.
Kohei said, ?gwe learnt basics in Ondekoza but carried out everything we wanted to do. As we were 30 years old 6 years ago, I thought we would progress to the next stage.?h ?gWhy we formed AUN was because Taiko duo was hardly seen so it would be much more interesting formed by twins.?h Ryohei added.
AUN aims to create innovative music, merging Japanese traditional instruments and sophisticated digital sound to exceed the music boarder. They successfully merged both Taiko and digital sound by containing trans beat intrepidly.
?gIt has nice similarity between the deep bass of trans beat and Taiko drum sound. I noticed the potential adjustability of the instrument.?h said Kohei, composed the sounds.
They will start live tour, and perform on 25 October 2005 at UNIT in Daikanyama, Tokyo, then NY in USA.
- Yomiuri News Paper, 6 October 2005

The Japanese traditional instrument duo, Kohei and Ryohei Inoue had been core members of world renowned Japanese Taiko Group ?gOndekoza?h for 12 years. They graduated and formed AUN in 2000. After 6 years of their performance in Japan, they moved bases in NY.
?gI don?ft know what?fs going to happen but I?fm confident. It should be strengthen my confidence by doing something instead of just waiting, otherwise nothing happens.?h said Kohei. ?gIt is not first time for us to perform outside of Japan. We have the experience in Ondekoza so I?fm not so much worried to move the base in NY.?h Ryohei added as if it is easy. It seems they are relaxed based on their past experience. They aim to see how they will progress.

For making changes the image of Taiko Drum.

Regarding to their music directionality, Kohei said, ?gIt is getting not enough with just traditions. I like both tradition and digital ?gstate-of-the-art?h sound so would like to merge both sounds in my own way.?h Then Ryohei added, ?gI think we should look for new Taiko Drum style which is different from ?gOndekoza?h and other Taiko Group ?gKodo?h. Taiko Drum is not just traditional and old fashioned. As Kohei said, we would like to merge both traditional and cutting-edge beat to create brand new original music.?h

?g100 School Circuit?h
?| Performance and workshop at schools and universities

They choose their next project to visit 100 schools and universities to perform and have workshop to let young US people understand what Japanese modern and traditional through the instruments. It is a cultural exchange program. They have already performed in a high school in Harlem and CUNY successfully, and received many thanks letters from the students. We long for how they will settle in US with their innovative sounds.
- JAPION newspaper NY, Sunday 1 January 2006


"E.A.S.T. - Electronic/ Acoustic/ Spiritualized/Transmission"

Catalog Number: BVCF-34112 (with DVD)
Release Date: September 21, 2005
Suggested Retail Price: $25.00

AUN?'s sound steps out of the boundaries of traditional music. Mixing electronic dance music and traditional Japanese Taiko drums, the superb arrangement makes one hear the unique Taiko sound and the vibrant beauty without being conscious of its traditional elements. It makes one expectant and hopeful for how the Taiko drum should flourish and fit into the international music scene today. Partly produced by T.M. Stevens with an extraordinary guitar solo by Extreme?fs Nuno Bettencourt, E.A.S.T. was received with rave reviews for its totally eclectic sound and innovative range of style.

"D.A.S.H. - Delight, Anger, Sadness, Happiness"

Catalog Number: BVCF-31125
Release Date: September 21, 2005
Suggested Retail Price: $20.00

AUN released its debut album, "D.A.S.H. Delight / Anger / Sadness / Happiness" on June 21, 2001. Funk bassist T.M. Stevens produced one song on the album. Ryohei and Kohei, who had played in rock bands originally, made D.A.S.H. right after they graduated Ondekoza. It contains their reasons and results of their thoughts on "How to come up with a completely new way to approach music based on tradition and utilizing traditional materials." It is a memorable first effort with special guests including T.M. Stevens, Funky Sueyoshi, and Rikki.

For the re-release, DASH is now an enhanced CD with footage of the twins joining T.M. Stevens's 2001 live concert at Club Quatro in Tokyo.



Twin brothers Ryohei and Kohei Inoue are back as AUN. For 12 years they had been the core members of world renowned Japanese Super Taiko Drum Group ?gOndekoza.?h Their unbelievable city-to-city, 1,071-day/9,319-mile marathon, which comprised 355 performances including 4 Carnegie Hall concerts, a guest appearance at the Emmy Awards, and 4 New York City Marathon appearances, was largely publicized throughout the US.

Ryohei and Kohei graduated Ondekoza and formed AUN in 2000. AUN represents ?eA?f the beginning and ?eUN?f the end in Japanese Buddhism, which originated in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language.

In 2001, AUN?fs debut album ?"D.A.S.H. ?| Delight/ Anger/ Sadness/ Happiness?" was released.
In 2005, the 2nd album ?"E.A.S.T. ?| Electric/ Acoustic/ Spiritualized/ Transmission?" was released by BMG Japan.

AUN?'s E.A.S.T. 2005 Tour culminated in New York City at the legendary club S.O.B.?fs where they packed the house with an enthusiastic crowd of over four hundred. Unlike other Taiko drum artists, AUN has been crossing boundaries, merging Japanese traditional instruments with electronic sound. They named this music ?"Japatronic.?"

In 2006, Ryohei and Kohei moved their home base to New York City to increase international exposure. To be true musical ambassadors of cultural exchange, AUN has been conducting performances/workshops before the audiences of high school and college students both in Japan and the US (100 School Circuit). They also performed at Houston Space Center, Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival, and Alabama Daikin Festival.

AUN has been recording new material as well. In the spring of 2006, they were reunited with TM Stevens for the recording of his new album, and composed and recorded music for a commercial film of Japan?fs Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport?'s ?"Visit Japan?" Campaign.

In September, AUN is slated to perform at the M.E.A.N.Y. FEST 2006 in New York City, MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, and NEMO Music Festival in Boston. Ryohei and Kohei continue to pursue opportunities to perform and spread their messages locally and internationally.

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