Auntie Niambi Shalewa

Auntie Niambi Shalewa

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Expose your children to an educational yet fun show, where learning and music are right "at home." Niambi's House presents Auntie Niambi Shalewa, Sajdah, and Abdul with shows full of a treasure chest of familiar and original songs, finger plays, stories, and movement!


Niambi's House is the embodiment of Niambi Shalewa Byete Muhammad, affectionately known as "Auntie Niambi Shalewa."

Niambi means "melody," Shalewa means "especially created for our home," Byete means "between God and man," and Muhammad (later acquired) means "one worthy of praise."

Auntie Niambi Shalewa is a singer, songwriter, storyteller, and an educator (B.S. in Education with specialization in Early Childhood), and an all around entertainer - thus, Niambi's House is about providing quality educational experiences through song, music, movement, finger plays and storytelling.

Whether students are learning math, science, or history - Auntie Niambi Shalewa has a song and/or story!

Auntie Niambi Shalewa has a unique way of integrating music and learning with a soulful twist, as evidenced by the many performances for birthday parties and other events. It's just pure fun, designed to have the whole family engaged. You will hear all genres of music at times, and will be able to relate because it comes from the heart and soul of Auntie Niambi Shalewa.

By bringing Niambi's House to your event, you will inspire and enrich the lives of the families and children who attend.

Niambi's House mission statement:
To enrich and inspire the lives of children and their families through positive, educational, uplifting, and fun musical experiences - forever providing "melody, especially created for our home"

Born and raised in Saint Louis, Auntie Niambi Shalewa now resides in Chicago with her lovely husband and three beautiful children. Besides songwriting and singing Auntie Niambi enjoys baking, dancing, and working out (thanks to the Boot Camp guy).


Celebrate!, Our Story, Birthday CD, Camp Butterfly Theme Song, Mocha Moms Theme Song

Set List

"Our Story" is a live performance that integrates music and Black history, in a way that makes learning fascinating, meaningful, and enjoyable for young children and their families. Through mostly original songs, chants, finger plays, and storytelling, children will learn about the rich history and culture of Black people in America.

Familiar historical figures like Harriet Tubman and Jackie Robinson will be presented in new ways through gross motor movement and finger play.
Though children will also become acquainted with unsung heroes like Henry "Box" Brown and "Lucy," ancient bones found in Ethiopia.

Every show will include an interactive greeting and goodbye song. Also, children will have an opportunity to "play along" with rhythm instruments and scarves.

Other than the use of original songs, chants, and finger plays, "Our Story" is unique by provide an original choreo-poem/story of the "Middle Passage," in a way that it has never been told.

"Our Story" is a show tha