Seduce you with the sound. Blow your f***ing body apart. Then stitch you back together with rusty surgical tools and string.

You taste so intelligent.


Auphelion is the artist name used by M. Salam. Conceived in 2012, Auphelion represents the culmination of a lifetime of musical experimentation and pursuit. During time spent as frontman to some and drummer to other hardcore bands Salam honed and showcased a unique ability to crossover styles efforlessly. Salam through Auphelion brings this breadth to a unique blend of industrial, electronica, metal, goth, rock, and pop, Influenced but not defined by genre, Auphelion is to inhale the swirling delirium and exhale intensely emotional sonic code.


Lock and Load

Written By: auphelion

did you think you were just going to show up
did you think the skies were going to open up their eyes and let you in
did you think you think you were just going to blow up
instead you found that all they've ever wanted was to keep you down

now with the fear itself abated
i begin to proceed under
i can barely see the way ahead
so instead i chase the thunder
no matter what you tell me
i think i'll have another
i know you know it will never stop
so i'm not sure why you bother
when they'll try to stop us again
and again we'll withstand
we'll hear no demands
single will, one command
we're not backing away
no way
i can take whatever they can give

so fire away
fir away
let them fire away
fire away
watch them fall away
as i clear the way
if you show the way
fire away
let them.


Single (2012): Lock and Load
Single (2012): Auphelia
Single (2012): Follow the Ramp
Single (2012): To the Infamy of His Name

Unreleased (2012): Idle on the Loco
Unreleased (2012): Midnight Crawler