Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

AURA is an Indie rock two piece with a haunting presence. Creating moods of dance, psychedelia, and folk jazz. Using strange combinations of synths, guitar, percussion and vocals AURA creates huge soundscapes reflecting both a modern sensibility and an ancient connection.


AURA is comprised of vocalist Amie Catanzarite and Guitarist and Synth Programmer, Christopher Dance. AURA was started in a basement in Indiana amid chants and discussions of dreams and drum machines. Armed with a keyboard, acoustic guitar, mic and beat machine "Glory Well" was created. The songs have been flowing ever since. Their first release entitled "Screaming Faces" ( came out fall of 2012 on Melt-House records and was played New Years in New Orleans live after an amazing set by the synth pioneers Silver Apples.
Amie has been an improvisational poet and vocalist for a number of years in different groups; folk, jazz, blues, funk, metal, rock and hip hop. Her influences are Jewel, Gwen Stefani, Ingrid Michaelson, Billy Corgan, Adelle, and they all add to her oeuvre and tie in to her unique sound.
Christopher Dance has played for a number of groups focusing mostly on strange combinations of instrumentation and composition. Most recently Christopher toured the western half of the United States under the name Melt-Face ( Recording his first completely experimental album with a recent graduate of the LA Recording School Bryan Sims.
The duo pack a powerhouse punch with their soothing romantic melodies and sometimes dark touch of synthesized dream worlds.


"Screaming Faces" released fall of 2012