Often described as atmospheric-groove rock, auradel combines poly-rhythmic drums, moody guitars, fretless bass and provocative female vocals with keyboard textures, and in the process creates something violently beautiful and unique.


"auradel." While admittedly not a name to strike fear into the hearts of the masses, make no mistake...THIS is the band that your parents have warned you about (1). More addictive than crack cocaine (2) and more violent than a flying weasel (3), auradel is a band that attempts to redefine "rock"(4).

Of course, your main question is still probably "what do they sound like?" Some describe it as "extraterrestrial bourgeois rock." Others describe it as a cross between Tool, The Gathering, The Cure, and other bands of the minor-key & black t-shirt persuasion. Lyrically pretty dense, the female-fronted band's material touches on mature subjects that the average Joe would rather avoid.

And as for the name itself: auradel.

Immerse yourself in the music, absorb the stories behind the lyrics, and THEN define it as you will. It'll all make sense then. Promise (5).


Venues Played
- The Khyber (Philadelphia, PA)
- The Troc (Philadelphia, PA)
- The Nail (Ardmore, PA)
- Cue Club 2 (Delran, NJ)
- The Fire (Philadelphia, PA)
- Croc Rock (Allentown, PA)
- Fennario's (West Chester, PA)
- Jocelyn's (Media, PA)

(1) Often these warnings are in the manner of, "Billy, some bands just ain't no good."
(2) Please seek medical attention if you experience any drooling or twitching
(3) Alright, that's a straight-up lie.
(4) Unfortunately, from our research, it appears to still be a relatively hard, naturally-formed mineral.
(5) Not really


Familiar Tragedy

Written By: Rae Zeal

Define this, your worst intention
Better laid out in desperate plans
Surmise this hold back on details
The best of it is yet to come

Awake now to see this, awake now.

Every little piece has come
bit by bit and one by one
formed across some years of pain
and triumphed over time and time

Stare not for much longer
Too much left unspoken
Strain for every simple moment as we
Make our only place here and as we're racing through
this panicked cry - now will we feel alive

At this time compared to nothing
Sinking every little word
Through and through a place so calm
And I know, compared to nothing
This will all fall to nothing again

Comfort Distance

Written By: Rae Zeal

Across the walls, a painted mile
Far past the shifted silhouette
Along these walls a bleak and dusty stare
Means we're all alone here

All too familiar.
Around this town the streets look bare.
The vacant alleys bury what it is, hidden deep beneath.

Pass one more fragment
Closer to the edge
Does it make you wonder
What it is that we are all fighting for?

Hide away, far away. It's closer to the edge this way.

Seamless, for the benefit of someone else
The words instill a clearer picture
Till then, everything will come out wrong
Before your rival's left unfitted
Now, the blaring record stays
Reminding us what we have left to gain
Try to see it try to let it go by.
Along the other side

Something About The Way It Came About

Written By: Rae Zeal

These careless thoughts surrounding
Shapeless as they beguile
A treasured moment's tale to end
Jumbled situations blend to one.
And nothing but this restless state of mind

Make no mistake nothings left behind
All here a part of something
Something to help you sleep at night
Perfectly unclear just as its intended
Just long enough to see the damage done

By now the cycle's completed the stories all line up
From your point of reference to the place where you left me
And now, stuck in the first place only to be mislead
From your own reflection, don't let it stand in your way.

A cold reflection stares right back
Speaking of times unforgotten
Undefined whispers trail
Leave a solemn layer on this cheek
A familiar way to pass the time again.


Spring 2006 - Demo A
Fall 2007: Upcoming EP

Set List

A typical set for auradel includes songs ranging from 3-7 minutes - totaling 45-60 minutes of original music. Songs from their extensive repertoire are carefully chosen to compliment the venue and accompanying bands' style. Mostly comprised of heavier rock, auradel has their share of slower moodier nuggets interspersed in the set to keep the listener's interest.