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Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Band Metal Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Aurlast - Audio Nut Review"

The Audio Nut

2004 Unsigned

Grade: A

I feel bad for taking so long to get this band in an issue of The Audio Nut. Auralast is an excellent quartet from Arizona that blends harmony and heaviness as well as any other group around. This ten track CD is a superb display of the talents that every member from Auralast brings to the table. The bone crushing rhythms are precise with the musical mastery of Michael, Tim and Steve; and the vocals are at times mesmerizing with the sweet pitch of the groups singer Donna. The band is working on their second CD as we speak and from what I have heard it will top this disc. (Which I would find hard to do, if I hadnt heard some of the new songs already)
Be sure to check out the bands website for information on how to get this CD and I am expecting you to get it soon.
NOTE: Check out an interview with Auralast in Issue 25

- Jsohn

"Auralast - Metal Maidens Review"

Reviewed in Metal Maidens#39/March 2005
By: Toine van Poorten

Ten short but very groovy, catchy songs are on this AURALAST album, which
has a running time of about thirty-five minutes. AURALAST consists of
Michael Annist on guitars, male voice and keyboards, Tim Rooen on bass and
Donna on vocals. Donna's voice is clear, a bit dark and she's definitely not
of the screaming kind. Something you might expect, when you hear the groovy
riffs of the band. A nice contrast, which gives the band a face of their
own. "Casualty" is the debut album by this band from Phoenix, Arizona, and
I must admit, that I like it a lot. It's a short blast, which comes straight
at your face and it definitely has enough potential and groove to become a
hit. The riffs are sometimes PANTERA like. For example, listen to the
beginning of "Secrets". This fills a nice gap now Dimebag Darrell has died
(R.I.P. mate!). The rhythm is tight, the beat is dancable. It's heavy,
though open for the clear voice of blonde vixen Donna, to do her thing. I
strongly recommend you to listen to AURALAST. I believe in this band, that
presented us their debut album in a good looking press map. So go to:
http:// and buy the damn album!! Oh, and before I forget.
The band is also looking for a suitable label and a management. Even more
reason to check out their website or send an email to

R. van Poorten-Wiegel (editor-in-chief)
P.O. Box 230, 4140 AE Leerdam,The Netherlands.
Tel +31 345 614136 / FAX +31 345 610688

- Toine Van Poorten

"Auralast - Strutter Magazine The Netherlands"

Out of Arizona, USA comes the female fronted band AURALAST. They sent me their CD “Casualty”, which musically mixes very modern heavy groovy Metal sounds with melodic vocals of singer Donna. Songs like “Secrets”, “The voices” and “Visions” are very good midtempo groovy melodic metal pieces. Maybe a comparison to EVANESCANCE is possible, although this AURALAST is heavier and definitely more a pure Metalband, in a way the Americans always do which is with very heavy aggressive groovy guitar riffs.



- Strutter Magazine

"Auralast - Review from Belgrade, Serbia"

"... From Arizona comes a group formed by female singer Donna and guitar player Michael.

That was pretty soon,and band very quickly recorded 10 songs material.

Auralast try to mix rougher side of their performing concept with melodic vocal threathenings. Auralast guitar riffs are very heavy, very moody, very direct. In combination with popy vocals, we got an interesting

amalgam. In song parts band sounded interesting and well. Momentally, I couldn' t find any releable comparization outside, with Auralast style, but it isn' t so important. A band finally could be quiet satisfied with done job, later, we shall see...

Bane Lokner


- Bane Lokner


Casualty is the debut CD for Auralast. This is self produced and was completed in 2005.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Auralast has been described as Seven Dust meets Evnesence. When asked about Auralast's music Seven Dust lead singer Lajon Witherspoon said "I love it." Auralast is the only local unsigned band asked to preform live on Phoenix Metal station 98 KUPD as well as do an on air interview. Auralast have made their mark on the local metal scene in Phoenix by playing a steady string of live shows and each show adds to the already growing fan base. Auralast is a favorite of local club owners and their reputation has spread. Auralast has been given the opportunity to open for national acts at some of the more high profile venues in the Phoenix and Hollywood, CA areas.