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Aural Night

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Aural Night - Solo Piano Music & Instrumental Keyboard Music. In genre terms the instrumental keyboard music falls somewhere between Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre. The Solo Piano Music is soothing, peaceful, and beautiful.


Miika Warsell aka Aural Night was born in 1975 in Helsinki, Finland. Early on he had keen interest and talent playing the piano, which he began at the age of six. Soon after he composed his first piece and more have come out sporadically ever since.

When he was 8 he dressed up as Mozart at a school party and when other kids had posters of K.I.S.S. and W.A.S.P. on their bedroom walls, Miika diligently collected pictures of composers – Beethoven, Bach, Sibelius etc. much to the amusement of his ‘normal’ friends. He was so keen on composers that he even learned their birth and death years by heart. His favourite composer, the most talented musicmaker ever, is J.S. Bach.

Miika has studied music theory, music history (at the Open Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland), orchestration, composition (Classical, under Professor Harri Wessman of Sibelius Academy), composition (MIDI) for several years.

Miika has written numerous piano pieces, a full-length suite for a string orchestra, music for an amateur theatre play "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", scored Carlo Collodi's fairy tale "Pinocchio" and composed other miscellaneous music.

In 2006 he released two albums. The first one, Voyage, is an instrumental, soundtrack-like album, portraying a ship's travels across the dangerous seas of life - with ups and downs. You can listen to the album and read more about it at The album was composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered in Espoo, Finland in 2006 by the artist himself. It is now being distributed worldwide and produced by the U.S. distributor Peaceworkmusic Net.

The second album, Avian Dreams, is a solo piano album with peaceful melodies. is the home site for Aural Night's piano music whilst offers more soundtrack-like, keyboard-based music.

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Avian Dreams (2006)
Voyage (2006)