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This band has not uploaded any videos




" [aurora] has one of my new favorite songs. It's one of those songs that get to the heart of that place in the pit of your stomach that could move you to tears and you really can't explain why. Check out their myspace and give it a listen it's called "After the Lights have Faded", you might just have to stop everything you are doing because it is just that beautiful. Their other songs follow suit with dashes of lyrical romanticism and emotional piano ballads. I think you will probably love them as much as I do." - Sarah Rhoads Photo


Aurora "aurora" (9 tracks)



Aurora is an indie rock band based out of the wonderful city of Seattle Washington. Originally formed around singer/songwritter Tyler Eide, the group took new form performing and re-working songs written by Tyler. Jonathan Post (drums, percussion), Thomas Castle (guitar), and Lerin Herzer (keys, percussion, vocals) were now the new face of the band. After several months of working on their record the band chose to stick with the original name of the album that Tyler had been working with, Aurora. Aurora as in Aurora Borealis, not the princess. The band's first record is due out very early 2008 and will be self-titled, Aurora.