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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

New York City, NY | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Experimental




"Aurora Anthony Admires Art in "Limitless" Video"

LES rapper Aurora Anthony drops the video for “Limitless,” a stand-out track from his EP CrookWorld. The Wave Connect-directed music video finds the rapper — who was styled by Todd Johnson — admiring a number of art installations as he raps about pushing past his limits. The inspiration for the song happened because of a near-tragic catastrophy.

“I basically lost my entire project just a few weeks before it was supposed to come out. We had the release party planned at Cha Cha Matcha, we got Reginald Sylvester II to paint a dope piece for the cover and the whole rollout was already set in place; I couldn’t push it back anymore,” Anthony told HYPEBEAST. “The pressure and will to succeed propelled me to another dimension. I felt like Eddie after taking the pill in the movie Limitless, I felt like I couldn’t lose. I wrote, recorded and found features for the entire EP in a week. ‘Limitless’ is the main song on the EP CrookWorld that really captured how I felt in that moment and ironically it’s the song most people gravitated to.”

“Limitless” follows up a year of major wins. From his “Air Nigeria” collaboration with Nike to appearing in the Guess/Places+Faces campaign to completing his first European tour, Aurora Anthony looks to continue the strong momentum for 2019. Look out for his brand new single “Alphabets” next month and watch the video above. - Hypebeast


New York is a major theme on Aurora Anthony’s latest record, Autumn. Having grown up in the shadows of the Manhattan skyline in the city’s famous Lower East Side, Aurora’s music describes his experiences living, learning and coping with the claustrophobic and sometimes hostile energy in one of his boroughs most diverse neighbourhoods. Autumn was released against a tragic backdrop. Two of the artists close friends passed away earlier this year, forcing the 23-year-old to embrace music as a means of exorcising his grief. ” I just took the ten best songs I had, I just had to put out music,” he explains.

Autumn is a powerful stream of consciousness as descriptions of life on the block intersperse with introspective, philosophical refrains and dreamlike hooks. Always it remains an album deeply rooted in its geography and the consciousness of its creator.

Is there a concept on Autumn?

With the album, it wasn’t supposed to come out like that. I put it out that way because two of my friends from way back passed away. A friend I used to be in a rap group with passed away first. I was with him the day he passed away and he was talking and saying, “Yo what are you waiting for? Put out your music!” I just took what I had, got it mixed and put it out there. I just took the ten best songs I had, I just had to put out music. I got the songs down, made him the cover and got it out there.

New York is a major theme on the record, do you feel outsiders looking in understand the city or were you seeking to educate people on the reality of living there?

I think people act like they know. I don’t think you can know unless you grew up here. A lot of people don’t understand that. Even if you moved here when you were 20 and grow up to be 30, it’s still not the same as living here when you’re 15 or younger, when you had to cross the street anytime you saw a group of people. That’s just how it was. A lot of people won’t experience that because it’s different now. A lot of those people are either dead or locked up.

How do you think that upbringing influenced you?

It made me better, I feel like I’m ahead. I grew up fast, even at 16 I had my own apartment. If you don’t grow up fast it’s like a shark tank. You’ve gotta get to it or not, you get to pick who you wanna be and most people are sharks in the city so you gotta be one too.

How do you think that attitude has translated to your music? Do stories from your past appear on your records?

Of course, from the intro. I try to explain everything I went through growing up. Explaining how I didn’t to finish school, explaining how I already knew what I wanted to be from a very young age. I was thinking about my future since I was 13 or 14.

What has kept you on track since then?

I always have the same attitude, and I tell people all the time when I start working with people: With out without you I’m gonna make it to where I wanna be. Those words keep me going. I’ve been in two rap groups, trying to help people out with their dreams and stopped doing what I was supposed to be doing. That’s why it’s taken a bit of time, I wasn’t always focussing on me. This is what I wanted to do, I’ve been asking the universe for the same thing over and over, I never changed up and asked to be an actor or something else, I’ve put so much energy into this one thing.

From a sound perspective, how have you kept our sound consistent? Are you influenced by what's out there right now?

I know what type of music is out right now. But I don’t think it really impacts how I make my music. My voice is very deep so I couldn’t even do the things those other rappers are doing, even if I did it wouldn’t sound like them. I’m not influenced or affected by it. I guess it’s just my experience, me explaining what I’ve been through in my life and how I handled it.

Let’s take "Blue 100s" for example.. how did that track begin?

Basically that song I was just on Adderall and shit and my homie played this beat and somebody else was on the song so I was like, “No way, delete that” and I had this hook that I’d already written that was ready to go and the rest of the song I just did in a one take freestyle. I didn’t even plan on putting the song out. I was in LA with my friend from the industry and I was going through my music and I played him a track I really like and he didn’t react to it, then he went into a gas station, I played “Blue 100s” and he runs out the gas station saying “Who’s song is that!?” That was it.

Talk us through your personal style...

I’m one of those people who has always been dressing a certain way. Even in my middle school pictures and my high school pictures I was wearing certain brands already, I don’t really look at anybody for style guidance or knowledge about certain things, I don’t even follow those people on Instagram. If I see something and I like it then I do it.

Do you feel like hip-hop is more stylish than it’s ever been?

A lot of early people like ASAP and people like that, they were pulling from older styles and older looks. What a lot of people ended up doing was saying “OK I’m gonna go back and pull something that these guys didn’t pull yet” and then you’ve got people dressing as punks and goths and doing all that crazy shit just because it hasn’t been done yet. Everyone’s just trying to be different and it’s just making everyone the same. Now if you just dress like a regular person you stand out. All these kids thinking that they started something…

What’s coming up next for you?

I’m working on a visual for “Moment” and I’m gonna drop some new music in early October, early next year I’ll be on tour in Europe too. - Hunger Magazine

"10 Under the Radar Artists to Discover This Week"

Where: NYC
What They’re Working On: Prepping a release for early 2018 after releasing the AUTUMN EP back in May.
Sounds Like: The kind of night where you get really drunk on ’40s from the bodega then you blink and it’s Sunday. - Highsnobiety

"LES Mainstay Aurora Anthony Drops New Release "Autumn""

Aurora Anthony's new release "Autumn" features appearances by Safe, Rabiullah, Polo Pesh, Austin Price & more

In a world of imitators and perpetrators, LES mainstay Aurora Anthony stands head and shoulders above the rest with his latest opus, Autumn.

The gripping, 10-song release captures the angst and frustration of urban youth struggling to find their footing in an ever-changing world.
The cover, a portrait of a childhood friend Anthony lost during the recording process, adds a poignancy and gravity to the music while reiterating the high stakes of living fast and dying young in the Lower East Side.

The projects production is handled almost solely by duo Jailhorse and Pyrex, giving the project a cohesive and complimentary sound, while allowing Aurora and a host of collaborators, including Toronto native Safe, Rabiullah, Polo Pesh, Austin Price and Jean Valuer, the bandwidth to paint vivid pictures with their striking vocal performances.

Autumn is available for streaming on your favorite music service and be sure to check for standout tracks like “Black Nails xxx featuring Polo Pesh & Austin Price”, “Blue 100s”, and “White Hennessy featuring Safe” - All Hip Hop

"Aurora Anthony brings autumn early with new EP"

If you're currently suffering from a bad case of the Mondays, Aurora Anthony's latest EP Autumn will help make your problems look minuscule. This 23-year-old New York native provides a unique narrative on struggle. You may remember his impeccable ability to provide candid imagery of his life through lyricism from his last project Age of The Lone Wolf and, if not, you're in for a treat today. After suffering the loss of two close friends, Aurora turned pain into peace, releasing his frustrations into music and bringing in the cool breeze of autumn--which, depending on your location, is as satisfying as the A/C in a heatwave. As he enters this new chapter, he speaks to his fans with a candor that you find between two life-long friends.

Released back in November, the project's lead single ("Blue 100") set the vibe for hustlers and go-getters alike. As the songs progress, tales of street dreams, run-ins with the law, and ambitious spirits waiting to escape spill onto each track. Tracks like "Favors" and "Bump" are descriptors to the driving motivation behind Aurora's personal goals and the sounds of the youthful audience he relates to. At a glance, it is easy to dismiss his everyday perils as the typical story of struggling black youth. We argue that the more the story is told, it becomes harder to desensitize the youth culture that can relate. Aurora's enchants his audience with messages that are bound by hope for the future and encouragement to get the most out of life. - Revolt TV


And what city is that, you might ask? New York City. Although the song came out over a year ago, Aurora Anthony has now released the official video for his hometown anthem “Southside.” The production from πrex is a new-age sound that New York residents should be able to embrace, especially those who are overly judgmental of A$AP Rocky for adapting the South’s leaned-out wave into the fold. With several shots of him and his crew strolling through the Southside of the city, Aurora takes his time to get to his first verse which comes in a little over halfway through the song.

Aurora had this to say about the video via email:

I don’t really know about other states, but in NY we go hard for our hood. Not just because it’s where we’re from or to act like we’re the best, but because it’s what makes us who we are. “Southside” is a dedication to my part of the city. I just want to shine a light on the Lower East Side and put on for the people and the streets who’ve made me into the man I am today.. word … but free my wolves Krispy and Nico, word.

“Southside” will be on his upcoming EP Autumn, due early 2017.

You can get familiar with his Day of the Lone Wolf album which he released this year as well. - Massappeal

"Digital Trapstars - "Blue Hunnits""

Screens On Lock 3Digital Trapstars
User Rating:HOTTTTT 67% (33)Rate
Download Digital Trapstars' new mixtape "Screens On Lock 3."
Digital Trapstars have a made name for themselves as curators of must-listen trap music, and to that effect, the collective of music connoisseurs have released two compilation mixtapes starting in 2015, Screens On Lockand Screens On Lock 2. After leaking Raven Felix's "You Ain't Never Lie" yesterday, they're back with the third instalment in the mixtape series, going just as hard as ever with the features.

This time around, Digital Trapstars round up Lil Yachty, Migos, Rich The Kid, YG, Gucci Mane, Dreezy, Tracy T, The Game, Nef The Pharaoh, Lil Bibby, Lil Durk and more for appearances through out the 19-track project.

Stream and/or download is available.

01. Aurora Anthony - Blue Hunnids
02. Dreezy - I Got The Keys
03. Gucci Mane x Migos - Now
04. Tracy T - Stick
05. Nef Tha Pharaoh - Gimme Top (Freestyle)
06. Lil Bibby x Lil Durk - Get It Out The Trenches
07. Sayyi x Jeremih - Love That Sound
08. Young Greatness - Trappin (Drop)
09. Money Man - How It Feel
10. Rich the Kid x Lajan Slim - Haitians Remix
11. Dougie F x Dice Soho - Check In
12. Raven Felix - You Aint Never Lie
13. Mally Mall x OT Genasis x Maejor - All On Me
14. Offset x Lil Yachty - Truck Loads
15. Willie B - OT (Outta Town)
16. Jooba Loc x YG - Hop Out
17. Marcus Black x The Game x Troy Ave - Wrist Motion
18. John Boy x Rich the Kid x Lil Mouse - I Need Bandz (Prod. By Murda Beats)
19. Young Greatness x Lil Wayne x Yo Gotti - Moolah (Remix) - Hot New Hip Hop

"NEW MUSIC: Aurora Anthony - 'Day of the Lone Wolf' EP"

After dropping off his vibey single "Blue Hunnids" via Digital Trapstars 'Screens on Lock 3' mixtape, L.E.S. repper Aurora Anthony is ready to flood the streets with a ton of new music. But before he does that, we have to take it back to where it all started.

Today Aurora rereleases his debut Day of the Lone Wolf on Apple Music and Spotify. The 12-track EP is a completely solo effort other than vocals from raspy songstress Marygold on "Sunnyside Down" and "Run Up". Stand out tracks like "Con-Sen-Trate", "Dogmatic" and "Black Panther" show off Aurora's versatility and lyricism that sets him apart from the pack. Stream the project below and look out for new music and visuals from the lone wolf. - Hot 97

"New York City Rapper Aurora Anthony Aligns Himself With Winners In “Undefeated” Video"

Everyone wants to be seated at the winner's table and the presentation of Aurora Anthony's "Undefeated" music video reinstates the familiar sentiment. Surrounded by idols and icons from Tupac to Muhammad Ali—in the form of archived clips—the upcoming rapper from Manhattan's Lower East Side showcases the competitive and confident nature, necessary for becoming a champion. I make all moments, you wanna be a part of/ Muhammad Allah with god's glove.
Anthony told The Fader, that this was somewhat of his "theme song" dedicated to "all the fake niggaz that tried to snake me..bitches that tried to play." It's about, "letting em know I'm undefeated," he explained. - The Fader

"Watch Aurora Anthony's Video For "New World Order""

Aurora Anthony represents an oft-forgotten part of New York City, especially when it comes to music: the Lower East Side. In his MP Williams-directed video for "New World Order," he mobs through the streets of his neighborhood with his NWO crew. Lurking in the shadows throughout, Anthony stands imposingly as his baritone voice showcases his power. Towards the end of the song, he channels the spirit of 2Pac, and the F7 instrumental switches up, sampling "All Eyez On Me."

"New World Order" appears on Anthony's Dark Caesar EP. The audio version of the song is extended to include a verse from the Lower East Side native over the "All Eyez On Me" sample. - Complex

"100 Wolves presents 'Aurora Anthony: Day of the Lone Wolf'"

New York City is definitely making a triumphant comeback with the rise of their underground artists. We've seen how Young M.A and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie took over this summer, but fall is upon us and there will be no letting up in this forth quarter.

At age 23, Lower Eastside native Aurora Anthony is carrying the torch with his flow, style, and content. He delivered hard-hitting beats that will have you saying "turn up the bass" with an impeccable execution of melody meets lyricism, covering an array of topics that most city natives can relate too.

As a young MC there is a lot of pressure to stand out in the market, but when you are unique it's very hard not to shine. Music is in a stale period where most artists tend to mimic one another. While Aurora's sound is contemporary, it is very different than the sounds we hear today. Day of the Lone Wolf takes us on a road trip from the islands down to the boardwalk in your daddy's Cadillac. The dynamic display of authenticity is both thrilling and theatric in ways we have not experienced in a long time. Treat yourself to the sounds on this mixtape, available now on iTunes. - Revolt TV

"ALBUM REWIND: Aurora Anthony Day of the Lone Wolf"

When to listen: You’re mentally prepared for the winter but you just want to make sure so you lower the temperature in your apartment and put this on one time. Then you do and this is you. - Massappeal

"PREMIERE: Aurora Anthony & Mary Gold Link Up For “Sunny Side Down”"

L.E.S. representer Aurora Anthony isn’t letting up! Last month he dropped the banger “Concentrate” and like clockwork he’s back again with another heater. This time around he linked up with the talented New Orleans artist Mary Gold for “Sunny Side Down”. Stream The Pyrex Kid-produced hit below and look out for his debt LP Day Of The Lone Wolf. - Hot 97

"Check Out Aurora Anthony’s Visuals For “The Story Ends” [VIDEO]"

Pupil becomes master in Aurora Anthony’s latest track “The Story Ends.” The L.E.S. emcee reflects on the fate of some of history’s most infamous foes over the ambient MP Williams production. Check out the dark Michael Garcia-directed clip below. - Hot 97

"Check Out Aurora Anthony’s New Banger “Concentrate”"

Aurora Anthony makes a grand reentrance with the first single from his debut LP Day Of The Lone Wolf. “Concentrate” is an undeniable head-banger from the moment you press play, thanks to flawless production by The Pyrex Kid and Mekanics. Instead of being overpowered by the beat, Aurora uses it as a pedestal to exhibit his growth as an emcee. Stream “Concentrate” below and watch out for more from this Lower East Side star on the rise. - Hot 97



Born on the Day of The Lone Wolf, November 28, Aurora Anthony stands as leader of the pack of up-and-coming NYC rappers. Hailing from the Lower East Side, the influence of the city is evident in his voice and themes. Since his youth Aurora has always adapted to his street surroundings, from getting caught up in covert activities to graffiti and skateboarding. But with a keen ear for cadence and an eclectic blend of musical influences he turned his life around by using his experiences to create something greater than himself.

In 2015, Aurora’s Day of the Lone Wolf EP garnered looks from Complex, The Fader, Hot 97, Mass Appeal, Revolt TV and more. His eminent success provided opportunities to perform during ASAP Ferg's Trap Lord Tour, Too $hort NYC show and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's first show at SOB's.

As Aurora began working on his sophomore project Autumn, he unexpectedly lost two of his close friends within a week. These tragedies sparked a fire in him and completely shifted his outlook on life. In just two short months after its release through Priority Records, Autumn acquired over a million streams and gained recognition through The Fader, Vibe, HotNewHipHop, All Hip Hop, Global Grind, Miss Info TV and In Flex We Trust. Standout tracks from his latest release CrookWorld received placement in top playlist on Apple Music, Spotify, Audio Mack and Hypebeast. The success of this project afforded Aurora his first international tour where he performed in 10 cities across Europe.

Aurora was selected by Nike through their Cultivator program to design a collection of 3 sneakers, in which he donated proceeds to Nigeria through the Save the Children foundation. Later he appeared on Nike’s Unsung Hero’s panel to discuss his influences and inspiration for the collection. Additional brand partnerships and campaigns include Guess Jeans, Bape, Depop, New York Sunshine, Lugz and Rokit.

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