Aurora Davenport

Aurora Davenport

 Hightstown, New Jersey, USA

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Should've Known

Written By: Timothy McMahon

Looking out my broken window

thinking of a time long ago

how it used to be so simple

many say I should have known

Yeah, I should have known

That you’d walk away, no longer play

I always thought it would be

You and me up on that stage

Find it funny that you loved me

funny how we passed our time

strumming tunes that we’d forgotten

turning reason into rhyme

But, I should have known

that you’d walk away, no longer play

I always thought it would be

You and me up on that stage

Should’ve known, should’ve known

I’m taking each step to forget

Where the past led us

But, oh yeah, I should have known

And I ‘m taking each word as a way

To keep on growing

But words don’t come

as fast as we’ve grown

yeah, I should have known

The Edge

Written By: Alissa McDowell

The Edge
(by Alissa McDowell)

On the edge of a thought that once mattered until I saw him
Took my breath just when I learned how to breathe again
In a moment the past didn't matter that much to me
I was blinded by beauty
A beauty unknown to me
like out of a dream

The whirlwind may lift you
Up in the sky
Please don't resist it
and please don't be shy

Oh the edge of the darkness was dreary and miserable to bear
Was no visible light at the end of the tunnels out there
Then he graced in so stunning and charming
I couldn't breathe
I embraced him and held on
I did not want him to leave
like the rest of my dreams

Music is everything
Fire inside me burns
I'll give you the music
If you'd like to learn

On the edge of the something, the somewhere, the someone
In the midst of the madness and mystery
the shining sun
Darkness lifted
Circle of stars opened in the the sky
Reassurance and comfort
No need to be shy