Aurora Jane

Aurora Jane

 Victoria, AUS

Blending psychedelic 70’s analogue warmth with upbeat funk, soaring rock and intuitive song-craft, Aurora Jane’s fourth album unveils an expansive creative evolution. ‘Holding Pattern’ is set for independent release on November 1st 2013.


Inspired by the intricate inner world of dream imagery and our unconscious desires, Aurora Janes new album Holding Pattern reveals a colorful and surreal soundscape. Blending psychedelic 70s analogue warmth with upbeat funk, soaring rock and intuitive song-craft, Aurora Janes fourth album unveils an expansive creative evolution.

After spending 2012 on the international tour circuit, and early 2013 reconnecting with Australian audiences, this Winter Aurora Jane made the time and space to slow down, reflect and let the stories of the past few years on the road materialise.

Aurora Jane is the collaboration of Jane Hole and her rhythm section Tim Bennett (bass) and Marley Berry-Pearce (drums). Holding Pattern was born over a two-month period between studios in Melbourne and the Byron Bay Hinterland. A snapshot in time, the album celebrates the palpable excitement of a trio exploring creative reactivity. With a deep maturity evident in the lyrical content, Holding Pattern reflects an openness and honesty drawn from diverse life experience.

Touring the globe off the back of previous releases Deep End and Universal Language, Aurora Jane have built an extensive international fan base across North America, Europe and most interestingly India, where they have featured in Indias Rolling Stone magazine and performed to stadium size audiences.

Coinciding with the forthcoming album release Aurora Jane will launch a new concept project Mojo Junction. Jane stated recently in Rolling Stone: Mojo Junction will be a creative lifestyle website, a point where the international creative community intersects and can explore new music, culture, politics and art. I have been dreaming this up for years, and it is finally coming to fruition. My art and touring experiences have transcended simply making records for a long time.

Supporting the likes of John Butler Trio, Pete Murray, The Beautiful Girls, Blue King Brown, The Waifs, Rachelle Van Zanten and performances on many a festival including Big Time Up (Canada), Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), Festival of the Sun (Australia), Roots Festival (India) and Robson Valley (Canada), Aurora Janes live performance brings together their many layers of diversity with a captivating energy and groove. Catch Aurora Jane celebrating the release of Holding Pattern all through November.

Aurora Janes brand of funk infused pop-rock has won her many fans Rolling Stone




Written By: J.Hole (Aurora Jane)

Born unto stolen country,
I just don’t feel at home in my skin.
I want to shed this soiled coat,
And discover another place to begin.

Where freedom’s not a privilege of race place and time,
Where we hear each other’s stories
Before condemning souls for petty crimes,
I’m prising my eyes open inside this dream.

We must rise,
We must rise,
We must mobilise/And speak the truth of what we believe in
We must rise,
We must rise,
And be sure it’s the truth that we’re speaking.

I’m indebted to this land
That’s cradled me despite my origin,
To respect the sacred places,
We must acknowledge where the story did begin

Listening is the answer,
Respect is the key,
Working consciously together,
To re-construct our fabled history,
I’m prising my eyes open inside this dream.

It’s a sad and sorry time for the people of this country,
When a government of immigrants wont acknowledge our true history,
So brace yourself for change,
Their story’s just begun,
Brace yourself for change, Brace yourself for change,
It’s not the real one,
Brace yourself for change,
This country’s founded on lies to hide genocide.

Parallel Skin

Written By: J.Hole (Aurora Jane)

Buffalo air out my window,
You know, I crossed to the other side today,
It’s both disturbing and relieving,
That my home across the sea tastes just the same.

This is parallel skin we live in,
I want to wash away the shame,
This is parallel skin we live in,
Together let’s take a walk in the rain.

Like a dead fly in your dinner,
When you ventured to indulge a just little more,
What appears to be so perfect at a glance,
Reveals the truth of what you’re looking for…

I’m not proud to live in mini-america,
Mirroring every move of our big ugly brother,
Then you remind me, he doesn’t listen to you either,
The angry adolescent who dominates the cover.
And every scene,
How many lies are we believing?

Deep End

Written By: Aurora Jane

Feel it now, can u feel it now?

I can feel it now
We’ve been in slumber for years
But the people have awoken
It’s allaying my fears

I’m walking through the city
With a smile on my face
I can finally feel the evil empire
Falling from grace
It’s obscene
We’ve let it spread so far
Seems we never seek the light
Until our darkest hour
But now it’s on
And I’m standing in the sun
And I’m ready to unlearn the lies
With everyone

Stormy days are over my friend
My eyes are open
The wind is whispering, I’m listening
Walking to the rhythm of time
Kick of your shoes
And jump in the deep end, my friend

Deep end now
Jump in the deep end now

It happens every day
Yet we justify coincidence
With the games that we play
Imposed by a system of doom
I denounce the structural nightmare
That’s disseminating gloom
I look back to the wisdom of the earth
To the cycles of the moon
And the miracle of birth

Nature, your nature
Love and life itself
The soul pathway to spiritual wealth
It can be hard to break the patterns
For many years we’ve walked the same lines
We’ve got to make it happen
In this lifetime, you and I

Til I Die

Written By: Aurora Jane

‘Til I Die

Woke up to the sound of jackhammers
In a quiet place on top of the world
Buddha on my left, Jesus on my right
Guitar by my feet
Where I left it last night
Drowning in a sea of curls
You were spinning that umbrella
I was laughing at the ominous sky
As the heavens opened
Your whole stance shifted
You let that sucker go
And your burden was lifted
As the rain merged
With the water in your eyes

Wash me in an ocean of a million sorrows
Wash me in an ocean of a million smiles
I could leave this place tomorrow
I could be here ‘til I die.

Ejected from the labyrinth
Immersed in a pond of possibilli-tea
Krishna on my left, Mary on my right
Broken strings laughing
From the party last night
Scattered round my feet beneath the trees
I was spinning that umbrella
You were laughing at the ominous sky
As the heavens opened
My whole stance shifted
I let that sucker go
And my burden was lifted
As the rain merged
With the water in my eyes


Written By: Aurora Jane

Breaking through
Beyond that last place
Where we broke in two
Beyond that old face
That I thought I knew so well
Many times I’ve mapped
The wrinkles of your smile
Wishing you would stay a while…

You, reminded me
That life is to laugh about,
No happy soul avoids a broken heart
So let’s laugh until it aches
Laugh until it breaks

Shifting sands
To fit the mould
Of what our lives demand
So convinced that I
Could make it work this time
Many times I’ve traced
The patterns of my talk
Wishing I would just
Shut my mouth and walk


'Holding Pattern'
Mojo Junction (2013)
(9 tracks produced by Aurora Jane)

'Deep End'
Blue Frog Records (2010)
(10 tracks produced by Aurora Jane & Tony Buchen)

'Universal Language'
MGM (2007)
(13 tracks produced by Aurora Jane & Sam Bartlett)

'What Is It?'
MGM (2005)
(12 tracks produced by Aurora Jane & Become Sound)

'Release' - EP
MGM (2004)
(4 tracks produced by Aurora Jane & Become Sound)

Set List

Typical Headline Set (full band show): 1 hour + encore

Set List (example):

Til I Die
Lazy Monday
Deep End
Move Over
Let Love In
Seven Sisters
All In Your Hands
Fire (Hendrix)
Way It Is