Aurora Plastics Company

Aurora Plastics Company

 Austin, Texas, USA

Electronic organic experimental improv soundscapes


Organic, electric experimental improvisers since 1996, Aurora Plastics Company creates soundscapes in the free jazz tradition, tinged with psychedelia, punk and European movie soundtracks. The ensemble uses rhythm and guitar-string vibrato, movement, uneven phrasing, thought and form traveling through the human vehicle, to create hypnotic, dissonant healing sounds. Anne Heller and a rotating roster of experienced musicians (including funkster TJ Wade and seasoned noise artist Nathan Espen) coax vibrational healing and harmonious counterpoint from guitar, theremin, keys, loops, drums, and effects.

Aurora Plastics Company cites such diverse musical influences as Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s Greenwich Village Jazz Underground, Japanese supergroup the Boredoms, Japanese noise artists such as Keiji Haino, the Ruins and the Incapacitants, Captain Beefheart, the Master Musicians of Jajouka, seminal punk group the Germs, outsider musicians such as Sun Ra and Moondog, and old sci-fi movie soundtracks, melded together with a healthy dose of do-it-yourself mentality.


Aurora Plastics Company CD--

Various tracks have been played on local Austin FM stations KVRX & KOOP and on NYC's WFMU.

Set List

We generally play 45 minute sets which consist of two or three 15-to-20-minute instrumental improvisational compositions. No covers, however pieces of jazz, blues or rock standards might be tossed in to a composition for a minute.