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Aurora Plastics Company

Austin, TX | Established. Jan 01, 1996 | SELF

Austin, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 1996
Band Jazz Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"RECOMMENDED SHOWS: 08/17/09 @ Plush Aurora Plastics Company"

08/17/09 @ Plush
Aurora Plastics Company
A night of noise in Plush’s close, dark quarters is the perfect reset button. Local trio Aurora Plastics Company headlines with its own brand of Texas goo, supported by record player enthusiasts the Space Invader Orchestra and the Lynchian loops of Snakebite.

"03/13/06 @ Red Eyed Fly Yeast By Sweet Beast"

n a town like Austin, where experimental music has its pockets of noisy release, it’s refreshing to have a nice, face-melting event like Yeast by Sweet Beast to mash it all together. “I wanted experimental musicians to have a chance to perform when out-of-towners who might have more outré musical tastes and interests would be in town,” explains festival creator Anne Heller, who also plays in Aurora Plastics Company. Heller started the festival back in 2000, when roughly 18 bands played over two days. The curious name, Heller explains, comes from a certain “female inconvenience” that occurs from wearing certain “nylon, nonbreathing items of clothing.” You get the picture. It’s the bands that make it so sweet, of course. “I try to focus on the more hard-edged experimental bands here in Austin and through Texas, sometimes Louisiana, sometimes California – bands with more of a theatrical bent,” Heller says. “The stranger the band, the harder it is for that band to get gigs, so I try to ask the strangest bands I know to play. I like bands who are more visceral in their approach to their instruments, sometimes wrestling their instruments to the ground during performances.” The bands performing in the mouth of this year’s Beast include some of Austin’s strangest. Sunday’s lineup at Plush includes ex-ST 37 member Carlton Crutcher’s Book of Shadows, local jazzbos ECFA, Abigail & Hansel, the Sun Ra-ish Alien Time Ensemble, Myth, Chromosome Damage, and the always-entertaining Jerri Seinfeldt’s Atrophied Sac. Monday at Red Eyed Fly includes Houston noise assassins Wildernezz, Blatherskyte, Necessity, Harry J. Anslinger, Great Groovy Neptune, Aurora Plastics Company, and Here Comes Everybody (former members of Zom Zoms). In addition to the squall, film mistress Lori Varga will be projecting a little 16mm slideshow deviance. Loose-fitting clothes optional, earplugs, well, not so much.

"04/07/08 @ Emo's International Noise Conference"

Veteran noise enthusiast Frank Falestra, aka Rat Bastard, brings his Laundry Room Squelchers out of the hot, wet swamp hole of Miami to Austin for our city’s first International Noise Conference. Organized by local musicians Bobby Baker and Douglas Ferguson, the conference smells awfully local: Air Traffic Controllers, Aurora Plastics Company, Aunt’s Analog, Low Red Center, Young Clam, Venison Whirled, Plutonium Farmers, and many more blast 15-minute sets. 9pm. Visit Earache for more.


Aurora Plastics Company CD--

Various tracks have been played on local Austin FM stations KVRX & KOOP and on NYC's WFMU.



Organic, electric experimental improvisers since 1996, Aurora Plastics Company creates soundscapes in the free jazz tradition, tinged with psychedelia, punk and European movie soundtracks. The ensemble uses rhythm and guitar-string vibrato, movement, uneven phrasing, thought and form traveling through the human vehicle, to create hypnotic, dissonant healing sounds. Anne Heller and a rotating roster of experienced musicians (including funkster TJ Wade and seasoned noise artist Nathan Espen) coax vibrational healing and harmonious counterpoint from guitar, theremin, keys, loops, drums, and effects.

Aurora Plastics Company cites such diverse musical influences as Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s Greenwich Village Jazz Underground, Japanese supergroup the Boredoms, Japanese noise artists such as Keiji Haino, the Ruins and the Incapacitants, Captain Beefheart, the Master Musicians of Jajouka, seminal punk group the Germs, outsider musicians such as Sun Ra and Moondog, and old sci-fi movie soundtracks, melded together with a healthy dose of do-it-yourself mentality.