Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow


If you took, NoFX, the Offspring, Dead Kennedy's, and mashed them all together you might get what we call Aurora Snow. The combination of fast drum's and quick guitar licks, a state of mind, and were addicts, its a genuine high and we need our fix.


We're, "Aurora Snow", a punk band from Belleville, Ontario that enjoys partying and stimulating ear pussies. The band originally started as a 3 piece cover band consisting of Brandon, Steve and Alex. The plan was to have a great time while consuming a few beers, and covering some great punk tunes. At the time Aurora Snow covered a few tunes from each of the following bands, Bad Religion, Nofx, The Offspring, The Casualties, Sublime, the Ramones, and the Misfits. At some point Brandon brought some songs to the table and the band started in the direction of original song writing.

The band now consists of 4 members, Shane, Steve, Brandon and Alex and our main influences include; The Casualties, Bad Religion, NOFX, Pennywise, Dead Kennedy's and Dayglo Abortions. After having multiple excessively loud band practices above Shane's apartment his options were to call the police for noise complaints or join the band. Since his addition, since 2010, the band have worked hard to create 30 songs and have played with bands including; Ab Irato, D.O.A, The Restarts, Ripcordz and Dayglo Abortions!

We trying to get our message out there, through our music, to a bigger broader audience, while maintaining an original and unique sound. Aurora Snow is a band, looking to go places, hopefully this chance to play at the PNfest DTOX Rock Fest 2012, could give the jump start to help further a music career.


It's a Demo EP 2009

5 Songs of Fuck You EP 2010

Individual Results Will Vary EP 2011

Open Your vagEYEna's (new) EP 2012