Aurora Storm

Aurora Storm


Some people call it grunge other Punk! You to decide, as long as i can be on stage and play im happy!
I'm not stage frighten, i love hard work and meeting new people.
I have all kind of different idols all from Freddie Mercury to Avril Lavigne. I make all the songs myself, melodies and lyrics.


Name: Aurora Storm
Nick Name: Aura
Born: 8th dec. 94
From: Norway, Oslo
Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Vocal.

I have always been interested in music, i grew up listening to Queen, Ac/Dc, Led zeppelin. And im still listening to it. My big idol have to be Freddie Mercury.

Influence:Neil young, Quenn, Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, Blink-182 (and the list goes on)

I've never been like any other kid. Go to school, do their homework, go to parties, have sleep overs. No!
I was the girl that stayed home.
I quit school at age of eight, i had lots of social anxiety, scared of bullies and felt so different already then.
I were home schooled, which didnt last long.
I was never feeling safe wherever i went.
At the age of twelve i startet taking lessons of bass guitar.
i took that for two years until i took singing lessons.
While doing that i tought myself Guitar and Piano.
I had so much passion, fire inside of my heart while writing songs, performing them or listening to them.
I felt great, safe and best of all: Like i were someone, somebody that meant something. That could maybe do a tiny change in this world.
So i kept on playing, taking lessons and staying strong.
I got the opertunity to record a demo in the studio, so i did.
And now im here, trying to live trough my music. Which i know i will someday, i know it's hard work. But that's the best part of it.

You may say i'm a dreamer, but ill make this dream come true. with music i'm someone, not just a forgotten soul.


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