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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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"AMP Magazine"

“Auroravore’s contemplative, ambient originals feel like study breaks from the usual high-energy indie curriculum. Despite complex underlying music theory, their breezy, reverb-laden compositions remain ultimately accessible. Escalating, evolving chord structures, paired with Jeff Buckley-esque male falsetto vocals and sweet 3rd and 6th harmonies, give this group an otherworldly air. These progressive, meditative songs rely heavily on washes of synth sounds, usually Rhodes or piano strings type patches. Lyrics range from sardonic to redemptive. Indie pop meets intelligent trance in a swirling, melodic, beautiful romance.

The band’s three frontmen show their virtuosic chops by trading instruments and lead vocals. Ambitious keyboard lines replace the standard guitar solos, especially during the sentimental waltz “Tell Her.” The bass guitar easily chases the chord structures with a thick, meaty sound, making any unusual changes sound normal. This group is very theory-oriented. Even during the complete break in the syncopated, complexly emphasized 6/8 timed song “Dream Drop”, each member of the band keeps perfect time and hits the drop without aid of the drummer. Vocals are pure and well executed, pairing smoothly with the cascading synth and mellow guitar.

As reflected in their trance-inspired songs, the stage presence of Auroravore was restrained when compared most electro-pop or indie bands. However, in keeping with the dichotomy of their musical influences, each member of this young, attractive group also displayed enthusiasm for their respective parts. Posing fluidly, deeply enthralled with their own creation, the band’s performance culminated in “Dream Drop” as the guitarist gracefully dropped to his knees to draw worshipful wails from his amp. Overall, the group gave a reverent yet energetic show, and the audience responded with spontaneous, swaying dances.

This band is a window into relaxation. With influences ranging from epic trance to tongue-in-cheek indie pop, Auroravore is more than feel-good melodies; they speak to the open, beating heart buried at the bottom of a scene.”

–– Sarah Whited, Amp Magazine - AMP

"KUT Texas Music Matters"

"I have to tell you I'd never heard of Auroravore before this morning, but have fallen for them big time. We'll definitely want to feature more of them in upcoming shows. Fabulous songs. The kind of new music you always hope to discover. Congrats and kudos to the band. David Brown, KUT • Austin, Texas"


"KUT Texas Music Matters"

"I have to tell you I'd never heard of Auroravore before this morning, but have fallen for them big time. We'll definitely want to feature more of them in upcoming shows. Fabulous songs. The kind of new music you always hope to discover. Congrats and kudos to the band. David Brown, KUT • Austin, Texas"


"Auroravore: Making friends, making music"

I first heard Peter Brown, Michael Brown, and Erik Garven perform together at Club de Ville in downtown Austin. Under the guise of their latest project, the Indie pop-rock band Auroravore, they created music so enveloping that it felt something like standing at the rim of the ocean: with every wave washing over, you sink deeper into the sand until you feel certain the earth will swallow you whole– so you pick up your feet. It seemed incredible that three musicians could create such a seamless, organic sound.

It turns out that the lives of the Auroravores are as intimately interwoven as their playing. Peter and Michael are brothers separated by thirteen months, and Michael and Erik have known each other since elementary school days. Currently the three band-mates share a cute, surprisingly clean house with each other, Erik’s brother, Chad, and a skateboard-riding English bulldog named Sam. Their closeness as friends, housemates, and musicians made me wonder about music and relationships and how each shapes the other. The following conversations come from an interview that took place in their Austin home during a rain-free period on the gray Tuesday of June 29, 2010.
I. A brief introduction to Auroravore

Smadar (S): How did you get your name?

Peter Brown (P): We were trying to figure out something that we felt should embody us–what we’re trying to do musically, and our relationship as friends.
Michael Brown (M): Aurora- represents light, literally, and figuratively represents creative energy, positive energy, anything we’re influenced by. And –vore is the consumption or interpretation [of that].

S: It seems that you do have some sort of philosophy for your band. Does that translate into a specific purpose for your music?

M: We just hope our listeners get as much out of our music as we did creating because it’s emotional for us. It evokes strong feelings in me, and hopefully, if we’re doing it right, it will in our listeners too, and they’ll get something out of it.
S: So would you say that for you, a lot of it [your music’s purpose] is to emotionally move the audience?
M: I mean, that would be nice.
S: But you don’t expect it?
M: I think everyone is different. I don’t think that my interpretation of what is going on musically is the same as the audience’s at all.
S: And you’re okay with that–you don’t need to strive to make your music more clearly communicate?
M: No, I mean we’re trying to do that too. But it’s not the whole thing. I don’t want to sacrifice anything for that.

S: If someone wanted to know what you sounded like…

Michael hits a chord on the piano.
S: So a minor seventh?
M: Yeah. Minor seventh.
S: But in terms of other bands you might be compared to?
Erik Garven (E): I don’t know. I heard recently that we sound like Portugal. The Man, but I don’t really listen to them.
M: Actually, I listened to them the other day. Um, no.
S: So you guys are unique. You simply have to stand on your own?
M, E, P: Well, no. Uhhhh. (And lots of other disagreeing noises)
M: We try not to have our influences in front of our music, but they’re definitely there.
P: I have a feeling it’s not really up to us to label ourselves. I think it’s better to keep interpretations open.

S: When did you guys start being friends?

M: Erik and I started being friends…
E: Friendship test.
M:…2000, ’99 or 2000 in high school. Peter and I are 13 months apart.
E: Well, I would say, initially…
M: We went to elementary school together. Yeah, we were in fifth grade.
E: We always knew each other. It’s one of those things, like in elementary school you’re kind of unsure of yourself, then in middle school you’re even more unsure of yourself. When I got to high school, I was active in sports, but also active in music. At that point, it was too much for me and I gave [sports] up and just did music. And once that started happening, we started jamming together.
S: From the start, your relationship was founded on music then?
E: Definitely.

S: How do you go about the daily task of making music? Do you have a regular practice schedule, or since you live together…

M: It’s looser than we want it, the practice schedule, but since we do live together we have more opportunities to make things happen spontaneously. It sometimes works, it sometimes doesn’t, depending on our work schedules and everything. But the act of creating, or writing, is not something that happens daily. It’s more of whenever you feel it coming.

S: Do you guys use shared experiences as a starting point for your music?

M: It’s more that somebody will spend some time working on an idea, they’ll bring it to the table. And we’ll let the other two people think about it, develop it, turn it on its head, and it becomes an idea that is completely different.
E: And to come back to the whole friendship thing, if we were just people who shared music and that was it, it seems more likely that someone would get an ego about themselves - Musical Tastes


Auroravore: December 7th, 2013
Recorded at East Austin Recording, Austin, TX
and Studio Self Destructor, Austin, TX
Engineered by Keith Gary
Mixed by Keith Gary
Produced by Keith Gary
copyright 2013 Auroravore

Auroravore EP: November 12th 2010
Recorded at 3807 Studios, Austin, TX
Mixed at Blue Rock Artist Ranch, Wimberley, TX
Engineered by Keith Gary



Auroravore is "the kind of new music you always hope to discover," says David Brown of KUTX. Brothers Michael, Marcus, and Peter Brown are joined by drummer (and childhood friend) Erik Garven to form the Austin-based rock/pop group Auroravore. Driving bass is layered with synths, delayed guitars, and a refreshing rhythmic consonance that sculpts the music into something special. After nearly a year of production, pulling broad influences into intentional pop music, Auroravore is set to release their debut full-length album in December 2013.