austin walkin' cane

austin walkin' cane

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

"Damn Fine Blues!" 2015 Blues Music Award Nominee for "Best New Artist Album" by the Blues Foundation in Memphis. Original classic delta blues featuring slide guitar and soulful vocals. A blues gumbo repertoire that can conjure up the ghosts of highway 61 & the delta blues experience. Austin Walkin' Cane is sponsored by National Reso-Phonic Guitars, Ernie Ball Strings, Dr. Z Amps & Rocky Mountain Slide Co.


2015 Blues Music Award Nominee (Formerly W.C. Handy Awards)
"Best New Artist Album"
- One Heart Walkin'
Blues Foundation - Memphis, TN

"Austin Walkin' Cane arrives bearing not only a cool blues calling card but a commanding voice and fiery Delta chops."
The New Yorker

"If you like Muddy Waters, go see Austin Walkin Cane."
Washington Post

Austin Walkin' Cane is a blues singer, songwriter, and slide guitar impressario who performs across acoustic, solo, duo and electric band mediums. He has toured Australia, Colombia, Nepal, France, Germany, England, and Wales. He has also crossed the United States, perhaps most notably from New Orleans, Louisiana to Juneau, Alaska with only a guitar and suitcase in hand.

Austin walked for ten years with a cane due to an arterial venous malformation he had
since birth. While performing on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, a homeless man called
out, "Hey Walkin' Cane, got some spare change for a brother?!" Austin subsequently took
the jibe as his nickname. In 1996, after years of battling the inevitable, his left leg was
amputated below the knee. A year after the surgery, he returned to the music scene
stronger and without need of a cane.

Austin Walkin' Cane's most-recent work, "One Heart Walkin,'" has been nominated for Best New Artist Album by the The Blues Foundation as part of its 36th annual Blues Music Awards. The Blues Music Awards are universally recognized as the highest accolade afforded blues music performers.

"One Heart Walkin'" is the latest incarnation of Walkin' Cane's synthesis of original
compositions with roots music cultures, combining and transcending the troubadour
traditions of Delta blues, Memphis blues, Chicago blues, and Bourbon Street jazz.
The songs on "One Heart Walkin'" were co-written by Austin with collaborator, guitarist,
and grade-school friend, Chris Allen. The album of Allen/Charanghat originals came to
life with the help of legendary producer and bassist Don Dixon.

During the summer of 2014, "One Heart Walkin'" was recorded in two days at the historic G.A.R. Hall in Peninsula, Ohio. Built in 1850, the former schoolhouse and Civil War Veteran's hangout, set the perfect mood for the album. Listening to Cane's most recent album is like being a passenger on the old Illinois Central Railroad. These Damn Fine Blues  take the listener from the south side of Chicago, through the deep south of the Mississippi Delta with stops in Memphis, Clarksdale, and Bentonia, ultimately spiriting toward the end of the line in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Fans may recognize Walkin' Cane's work from his performances on National Public
Radio's nationally-syndicated game show, "Says You," broadcast from Cleveland’s
historic Capitol Theater, as well as from his musical work airing on Sirius/XM Radio's,
King's Bluesville. The Chicago Reader put Austin on
the cover to promote  the 2015 Chicago Blues Festival.

Austin Walkin' Cane is proud to be partnered with National Reso-Phonic Guitars,
Ernie Ball Strings, Dr. Z Amplifiers, and the Rocky Mountain Slide Co.

Austin Walkin' Cane has opened for or performed with: Bobby Blue Bland, Buddy
Guy, Taj Mahal, Gregg Allman, Johnny Winter, ZZ Top, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Bobby Rush, John Hammond Jr., Gary Clark Jr., Hubert Sumlin, Willie Big Eyes Smith, John Mooney,  Jaimoe (Allman Bros.), Watermelon Slim, John Primer, Rare Earth, Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Blind Mississippi Morris, Nappy Brown...

Blues Festivals

- Chicago Blues Festival - Chicago, IL

- The King Biscuit Blues Festival - Helena, AR
- Pinetop Perkins Homecoming - Hopson Plantation - Clarksdale, MS
- Blues On Broadbeach Festival - Australia
- Cali Blues & Folk Festival - Colombia - South America
- Shakedown Blues - U.K.
- Cita Delta Festival - Bordeaux, France
- Nantwich Jazz & Blues Festival - U.K.
- Juke Joint Festival - Clarksdale, MS
- FIMU - Belfort, France
- Himalayan Blues Festival - Kathmandu, Nepal
- D.C. Blues Festival - Washington D.C.
- Wheeling Blues & Heritage Festival - Wheeling, WV
& many other US festivals.

AWC Blues Albums:

One Heart Walkin' - 2014

A World Of Blues - 2011

Murder Of A Blues Singer - 2008

706 Union Ave - 2003

Radio Cafe - 2001

Help Yourself - 1996

Ohio City Singers (original rock 'n' roll x-mas band)

A Town Called Christmas - 2013

Snow Days - 2011

Love & Hope - 2009


devil’s backbone

Written By: allen/charanghat

delta mud
black smokestack
‘sippi moon
chicken shack
cotton gin
graveyard stone
bordello love
catfish boneg

hey now baby
the night is black as coal
my woman doesn’t give a damn
‘bout the devil’s backbone

soap box preacher
pork pie hat
gunshot girl
dead muskrat
vibro king
passion queen
brick powder line

hey now baby
ain’t paved with gold
it’s stained with blood
the devil’s backbone

snake oil woman
hambone hips
jukejoint sweat
beale st. lips
junkyard dog
brokedown mule
coal creek mine
flatboat bluesue

hey now baby
might steal your soul
the natchez trace
the devil’s backbone

see that my grave is kept clean

Written By: traditional

well, there's one kind favor I'll ask of you,
will you see that my grave is kept clean.

well there's two white horses following me,
they’re just waiting on my burying ground.

did you ever hear them church bells toll?
means another poor boy is dead and gone.

did you ever hear that coffin sound?
means another poor boy is under ground.

well, my heart stopped beating and my hands turned cold,
now I believe what the Bible told.

well, there's one last favor I'll ask of you,
will you see that my grave is kept clean.

high rent lemon girl, aren't ya?

Written By: charanghat/starks

raise my hands to the heavens
w/ these words i’m bound
if i die tomorrow
don’t put me in no box or no ground

i got this ol’ guitar &
the sound come out just like that
i can’t play no guitar
you can tell by the nickels in my hat

you can go down to nashville
or charlotte, my girl
that lady she’s a tramp &
that’s the best thing about her

high rent lemon girl
give my ashes to her
she’ll know what to do w/ them
spread them around the world, yes sir
high rent lemon girl

Highway 61 & the Blues

Written By: charanghat

Highway 61 & the Blues...
The Mississippi Delta may begin in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee and end at Catfish Row in Vicksburg, Mississippi but the soul of the Delta blues lies on Highway 61. Often referred to as the Blues Highway, 61’s dusty cotton towns served as the backbone to the blues. Many musicians such as Charley Patton, Son House & John Lee Hooker performed with just a guitar & voice busking on street corners or playing all night long at a local jukejoint. A jukejoint or barrelhouse, was a place for black sharecroppers & plantation workers to drink, gamble & relax after a hard week of work. The Highway 61 towns of Tunica, Clarksdale & Greenwood were part of the jukejoint circuit where many blues performers honed their craft. According to legend, Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for mastery of the blues at the junction of Highway 61 and Highway 49 also known as the “Crossroads”. Robert Johnson, “The King of the Delta Blues Singers”, was poisoned by a jealous husband at a jukejoint in Greenwood, Mississippi that led to his eventual death in 1938.

Play Crossroad Blues - migration section play Sidesteppin’

Highway 61 served as one of the main passages for the Great Migration where millions of African Americans left the Jim Crow south to seek employment opportunities in northern industrial cities. The Blues Highway & the Illinois Central Railroad led B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters & countless other delta bluesmen to cities like St. Louis, Detroit, Cleveland & Chicago for a better way of life. Muddy Waters electrified his delta blues guitar style & soon became known as the “Father of the Electric Blues”. The Bright Lights, Big City Chicago amplified sound has become world famous yet the lifeblood of the blues still lies in the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta with the Ghosts of Highway 61.

georgia moon

Written By: charanghat/james

well, i comb my head with a catfish back
made my bones in a dynamite shack
got a barrel full of monkeys ‘neath my hood
squeeze me out a livin’ outta wire & wood

crawlin’ through the mud with a rich man’s bride
‘til i stole out the window in a buffalo hide
yeah indiana pete got to georgia slim
go tell ol’ trouble, i’m lookin’ for him

shine on, michigan dawn
i got two lanes to ride, keep one light on
well, i left my woman in a dead man’s room / heart in a dead mule’s room
gonna throw me a rope around the georgia moon

shadow yell “crawdaddy” puffin’ on coal
well, i can shake ‘em dead, i got jelly to roll
tin-penny willow weepin’ in my bed
“smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” is what the straw boss said

bones are achin’ sleepin’ on nails
l&n to ‘bama breakin’ over the rails
yeah, me & my boys are gonna go down slow
with some fried bananas & a bottle to go


papa doc singin’ in the birmingham jail
whippin’ washtub bass on a kerosene pail
cuttin’ up the floor in his jailbird shoes
pluckin’ cot springs, spittin’ out blues


one step (ahead of the landlord)

Written By: allen/charanghat

got laidoff,
got no bankroll
i owe back rent
now i’m on the dole

when he comes a-knockin’
i’m out the backdoor
cutting out in the night
one step ahead of the landlord

don’t want to be on the streets
during dirty, cold weather
but i swear this ol’ rent room
ain’t much better

you know the pilot light is out
it’s dark in the kitchen
roaches are talkin’
but i’m the only one listening
kicked the stove open
when the roof sprung a leak
it ain’t been fixed in months
i’ll tear it down in a week

i don’t need an eviction notice
or sign on the wall
i know where i stand now
it’s not my fault
i stand accused
i stand accused
i stand accused
gonna ride the rails then cut it loose

could talk to a preacher
ain’t no need to confess
one step ahead of the landlord &
two steps ahead of my ex

Set List

Blues Gumbo! A crowd pleaser that can go from prison work songs to big city blues while still stirring in Walkin' Cane blues originals. Austin "Walkin' Cane" brings over twenty-five years of experience & a musical repertoire that covers hundreds of songs. A typical solo performance is two to four hours.

walkin' cane originals:
hush mouth money
georgia moon
murder of a blues singer
devil's backbone
graveyard town
high rent lemon girl, aren't ya?
late great singer
step it up & go
billie holiday is on the radio
time (movin' so slow)
timeless love
lone star girls
walk the mile
far away heart
radio cafe
moonshiner's daughter
love grown strong
forever lovin' man
crescent city lights
40 below in chicago
bellyleak boogie
shut it down
streetlight serenade
one s