Austin Boggs Band

Austin Boggs Band

 Gallatin, Tennessee, USA


For 21 year-old rising star, Austin Boggs, country music has been a part of his life from a very young age. Growing up in a small southwestern Virginia town, he quickly found that writing and singing came easy because of the tradition and heritage of the small town life. His older brother Josh took him to a Ralph Stanley festival at the age of 14; from that moment on Austin knew he wanted to be a performer. Josh recalls Austin's reaction to this live performance, "I'll be up there next year." Less than a year later he began playing on WNVA 106.3 FM during the Local Talent Show, beginning his journey. Marion Levy, founder of Rounder Records, describes him as a young Tony Rice.

Austin formed a bluegrass band called the Midnight Ramblers. The name was chosen because it was the only time the guys could get together and practice because they were all still in high school. The Ramblers soon found out that maybe this was going to be more than just earning a little extra money on the weekends as they found themselves playing in every state on the East coast and two International tours. After releasing three bluegrass albums as founder and lead singer for The Midnight Ramblers Austin decided to take the advice of those in the bluegrass music industry and pursue a career in the country music field. In February 2010 he felt the need to be where country music was, so he moved to Nashville. He spent the next few months meeting with songwriters and with producer Sean Gasaway to select songs that represented him as a musician. In August 2010 a seven-song demo will be released.

“From the first time that I walked into the Ryman at the age of 18 and chills ran down my spine, I knew this is where I belonged and I would sing there some day. This isn’t just a dream of mine but a goal and I will not give up until I succeed.”


One Word At A Time

Written By: Austin Boggs

One Word At A Time
Written By: Austin Boggs

V1.) I love her and she loves me I know I’m where I need to be
Laying in her arms tonight
I see the moonlight dancing through her hair, smell the sweet summer air
Feel the touch of her kiss
I didn’t think I was scared of anything, but I’ve been scared to death since I bought this ring

Ch.) I pray she says yes, can’t wait to see her in that white dress
Memories of our time, replaying in my mind
Her dad gives her hand to me, tears roll down her check
As she starts to smile, we commit our lives, one word at a time

V2.) Looking back on all the years that has brought us here tonight
Lord aint it funny how time flies
Through the months our loves grown strong, the kind of thing you can build on
That girl means so much to me
Now I’m down here on my shaky knees, to here that simple word would mean the world to me


Br.) Well I know it seems so fast, oh but baby please believe
That I’d be lost without you, right here next to me

Ch.) And I pray you say yes, I can’t wait to see you in your white dress
Memories of our time, replaying in our minds
Your dad gives your hand to me, dears roll down our check
As we start to smile, we commit our lives, one word at a time


Things About Last Night
This Will Never Be Home
Things That Daddies Say
Old Sam Red
I Seen You Everywhere Today
More Than Roses
Big Hair

Set List

Places I've Played over the past 4 years

United Kingdom Tour

St. Julians, England
New Castle
Edinburgh "All shows were sold out"


Buehl "Sold out"

Indigo Hotel Lounge Nashville, TN
Tootsie Lounge Nashville, TN
Listening Room Nashville, TN
Madion County Fair Madison, VA
Smithsonian Folklife Festival Washington DC
Silver Dollar City Branson, MO
Bluegrass First Class Asheville, NC
The Lincoln Theatre Marion, VA
SPBGMA Nashville, TN
Floyd Fest Floyd, VA
IBMA Nashville, TN
Cabin Fever Hampton,VA
Mossy Oak Music Festival Gu