Austin Collins

Austin Collins


"Those still in mourning over the breakup of alt-country heroes Whiskeytown can take solace in the debut from this Houston-born/Austin-based singer/songwriter." -- Malcolm Mayhew, Fort Worth Star Telegram


The Houston born, Austin, TX based Collins has returned with heart in hand and music in groove. His latest offering, Wrong Control, is by name mysterious and unique, but that’s par for Austin’s course. He’s a writer, after all, and as any good writer will tell you, one mustn’t tip ones hand right off the bat. And so, you can’t help but wonder exactly what it is that went wrong and exactly what it is that he’s trying to control. And as that drama unfolds, you begin to get this feeling: There’s just so much Austin Collins and the Rainbirds got right with Wrong Control. With Centro-Matic’s Will Johnson at the production helm, they pick and choose their moments with expertise, creating a vast and colorful landscape upon which the drama can unfold.


Something Better, LP 2005, Fat Caddy Records
Roses Are Black, LP 2008, Fat Caddy Records
Roses Are Black, LP 2008, Blue Rose Records (Germany)
Wrong Control, LP 2010, Eight Dollar Music