Austin Gray

Austin Gray


Austin Gray is someone who's biggest asset is his ear. Able to improvise on the dime, Austin has garnered a reputation for his crooning and soulful vocals and his solid guitar work. Always evolving, Austin Gray is the person to look out for with some career establishing recordings on the way in 08


Austin Gray is a early 20's singer/songwriter with a penchant for improvisation and a natural entertainer. A strong experience at a young age in life instilled his belief in his abilities as a musician and after a semester at Berklee College of Music, he realized that the best way to pursue music may not be the most conventional. Now a full time working stiff, Austin still has no regrets as he has been able to acquire all the equipment that he's wanted as well as pursue the same level of dedication. After building a large fan base in his hometown area at the mouth of the Connecticut River, Austin has begun to grow restless and is looking to spread his musical love that he has honed so finely over the past few years.


The Goldtop EP:
1. All The Same
2. My Story
3. I'm Talkin' To You
4. Mothballs (Now-a-Daze)
5. Tennessee

Set List

Austin's 5 piece bar band, the deep river blues band, is really anything but a straight blues band. They play songs from The Band to Cake, with some Umphrey's McGee in there as well as off the cuff versions of songs from every genre imaginable. Not to mention the originals which are the highlight of each show. He takes this same mindset from his electric playing and adapts it to a very personable acoustic set, where he plays fun and intimate songs that can't help but engage the audience in ways that the listener could almost not expect to experience. Solo acoustic sets feature prominently Austin's solo acoustic work, but he has no problem peppering in a healthy dose of his favorite cover songs to play, which vary from show to show.