Austin John

Austin John


Austin John plays pop/rock music with a flair for detail and musicianship. Rich harmonic structures, interesting melodies and rhythms that appeal equally to casual listeners and pop music aficionados alike. This is music for anyone who pride themselves on having great taste.


3 chord grunge bands and cool haircut posers beware; we’re bringing great pop/rock music back! You know, songs with layers that both casual music fans can enjoy and aficionados can sink their ears into; chords, rhythms and melodies that you can’t see coming from a mile away; lyrics that don’t rhyme love and above…unless it really fits the song well or there’s no other choice.

Seriously; Dave, Stu and Carlie are a songwriter’s dream come true. They don’t have time for drinking all night at the local indie bar, or digging for hours in thrift stores for “vintage” clothes. They’re up until the wee hours of the morning practicing super-locrian scales and polyrhythms so they can be prepared for whatever I throw at them. So I throw a lot at them…emoting as much as I can while the going’s good. But make no mistake… our songs about feelings still ROCK!

In the fall of 2006 we recorded our first Ep, which is for sale at Soundscapes (Toronto) and online at Cdbaby and Itunes. The band has been featured in and interviewed on CIUT radio. Songs from the Ep have been played on several CBC radio programs across the country, and Noteborn music is licensing tracks for television and film. Our t-shirts featuring my fantastic dog Travis are super popular…(all the cool kids are wearing them). Most importantly, the band has really hit a stride with our live performances at venues such as Toronto’s Rancho Relaxo, Clinton’s, The Reverb, Healey’s Roadhouse and The Rivoli; and Montreal’s Divan Orange and Petit Café Campus. We are recording a full length Cd with Juno Award winning producer Chad Irschick, demos will be available soon in the audio section, and gigs are always posted on our myspace page.

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Written By: Todd Elsliger

Noise, that projects out of bars
and reflects off of cars,
bottled up with the heat,
splitting seems in the night.

Every piercing detail
of the sirens that wail,
syncopated in deep
with the neighbors who fight.

Every engine in town
is a dissonant sound;
every telephone rings,
every dreamer who sings...

I can see your lips moving but
I can't hear a thing.

Noise, from construction below,
like a deafening blow,
wakes you up from a sleep,
that you barely fell in to.

The attack of machines,
what you thought was a dream,
is the breaking of dawn,
and the end of what saved you.

Someone's calling your name,
someone’s crying in vein,
and the radio plays
all the hits of the day.

I can see your lips moving but
I can't hear a thing.

The sound of you breathing and silence, are luxuries I'll soon forget.
Remember my voice
'cause I'm loosing that next.

Noise, falling down from the sky,
when the airplanes go by,
televisions unite
with more power that ever.

The industrial hum,
that I can't see what from,
and the buzzing of lights
when the party is over.


In March 2007, Austin John released its first independent self titled ep. We are preparing to record a full length Cd is the spring of 2008 with Juno Award winning producer Chad Irschick (Lorena Mckennitt, Susan Aglukark, The Rankins). To hear songs from our first Ep and soon: demos for our upcoming full length cd, check out

Set List

Austin John does all original material. We have a "ready to play" repertoire of 15 songs, (aprox. 1:30hrs) with many more written. Titles are:
Against Myself
My Mother
One To A Plenty
Natalie's Trip To The Hospital
Queen Of Youthful Expression
Dana Jill
People Places Things
Kind Of Love
New 49
Better Half