Austin Kolb Band

Austin Kolb Band

 Columbia, Missouri, USA

The Austin Kolb Band is a Reggae/Rock/Blues band whose main goal is to spread positive music to uplift the soul, bring about change in the individual as well as themselves and brighten the day. The goal of the music is the brighten the listeners day.


The Austin Kolb Band is a 4-man rock/reggae/blues band dedicated to creating good vibes and making the world a more positive place. In 2007 Austin Kolb began a small solo project, writing singer/songwriter music, playing in coffee shops and small venues around Columbia, Missouri. After a few years of that, The Austin Kolb Band was born. In 2010, starting with Austin Kolb (Lead Singer/Guitar/Keys), Alex “Soft Serve” Upton (Lead Guitar), and Josh JB Burleson (Drums), they began practice jams and immediately the sound clicked. To fill up the band’s sound, they added the Walter Beeson (Bass). The Austin Kolb Band has recorded two full studio albums (The Simple Things 2010 and Life’s Lemons 2011) at Centro Cellar Studio in Columbia, MO produced by the owner Will Reeves. The band has been playing shows over the midwest including shows with major artists such as Trevor Hall, Cas Haley, Wallpaper, and The Dirty Heads. The band believes that positive and encouraging music can make an impact that changes lives, and changes the world.


The Simple Things (2010)
Life's Lemons (2011)

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In contract with GODIY Records.

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