Austin Law

Austin Law


New Country, High Energy Southern Rock. Austin Law soars thru upbeat country harmonies, powerful ballads and electrifying party anthems that take the listener on an emotional roller coaster ride that leaves them gasping for more!


Michael Austin can tell some stories about the road he’s traveled to where he stands today. He’s pretty much seen it all as a member of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, working everything from street patrol to gang detail to narcotics division. He’s proudly served our country as a member of the United States Air Force during times of conflict. Now the burly lawman is trying his hand in a different line of public service: as leader of the renegade country outfit Austin Law!

Austin was born in the small town of Cole Turkey Acres, Missouri. As a teen traveling back and forth across the country, he developed a taste for artists like the Eagles, Alabama, the Marshall Tucker Band, and of course, Johnny Cash. After lying about his age to join the Air Force at just 17, Austin ended up in California four years later, playing in a number of bands and developing the smooth, warm sounds that characterize his band’s debut album, Neon Halo.

Based out of Southern California, the eight-member group brings a wealth of talent and influences to the table, incorporating modern rock, deep roots country and traditional bluegrass into the Austin Law sound. Veteran Nashville producer Eddie Gore helmed the project.

“I like to call it ‘California Country’ because these are city folks who love country music,” says Gore. “They aren’t singing about mud flaps and chickens and stuff they don’t know about. They’re just a bunch of true country music lovers!”

When pressed, Austin confesses he is wary of labeling his band’s music too narrowly. “I guess you could say there’s a lot of duality in my music, and in my life,” he says matter-of-factly.

After all, this is a man who was trained in both opera and special operations in the Air Force; a man who still writes his mother hand-written letters every month while tracking down drug dealers during the day; and a man that legendary Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell once mistook for a bouncer until the linebacker-sized singer got up on stage and started his set.

Somewhere along the way, Austin says, he ended up employed by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department. If careers in law enforcement and country music seem mutually exclusive at first glance, don’t worry, Austin has found a way to juggle the two, although sometimes not without great personal risk in the process!

“I was actually on the phone one day with my producer, Eddie, discussing plans for Neon Halo when I got dispatched on a call,” says Austin. The pending legal case prevents him from discussing any specific details, but Gore remembers the episode vividly.

“I was on the other end of the line, when all of a sudden I hear Michael say ‘Put down the gun!’-repeatedly!” Gore remembers. “I listened to the entire exchange on my end for almost 45 minutes before my phone finally died. To be honest, after that I wasn’t sure whether we were gonna make a record or not!” he says, chuckling.

Fortunately, Austin lived to tell the story and record another song.

“Sometimes I sit back and wonder just what I’ve got myself into!” he says, Laughing and shaking his head. For the time being, however, it’s just another day on the job for Michael Austin.

Austin Law Band Members:

Roberto Cerletti (Drums) – Roberto Cerletti began his musical career learning a variety of instruments as a child in Switzerland. He picked up the drums at age 11 and has been playing professionally since he was 15. He recently moved to Hollywood, where he became the newest member of Austin Law.

Steve Pandis (Bass, Vocals) – Steve Pandis began playing trumpet as soon as he was old enough to hold one, but took up the bass and started his musical career at the age of 18. Pandis earned a Jazz Studies degree from USC, and has performed across the globe with various artists. He is the cast of the film, ‘A Mighty Wind,’ as a member of The New Main Street Singers.

Travis Raab (Guitars, Multi-Instrumentalist) – At 20, New York native Travis Raab made the move out west to Los Angeles, where he taught guitar before joining Austin Law. One of three guitarists in the band, Raab handles lead, rhythm and steel guitar duties as well.

Aubrey Richmond (Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals) – Aubrey Richmond first picked up violin in her church worship group as a youth in the state of Washington. With an extensive background in bluegrass and country, she began playing professionally after she moved to Los Angeles in 2005. Since then she has worked with artists such as Mary White, Vibrasol.

Billy Roberts (Guitars) – Guitarist Billy Roberts started his musical career as a child in Fall River, Mass. Roberts has played in several country and rock bands. His diversity on electric and acoustic guitar help to round out the guitar trio in Austin Law. Roberts plays lead guitar, sing background vocals, and writes songs for Austin Law.

Marty Wagner (Guitars) – Marty Wagner started his career playing in nightclubs as an underage teen,


Neon Halo

Written By: Bob Regan/Jon Mabe/Jimmy Ritchey

She looks right at home there on that barstool
Like she ain't got no better place to be
Just another someone in a friday night crowd
That you might see

It seems like she's here to find somebody
To talk with her a while and take her home
Just to look at her you might think she's that kind of girl
But that ain't so
She's an angel


She got her wing broken
She can't help that she keeps going
Round in circles landing where the lights are low
She has memories of heaven
She comes in here to gorget them
And to hide behind the whiskey and the smoke
She's an angel with a neon halo

She had a life and love she thought was perfect
And in her eyes he hung the moon and starts
'till the night that she came home
And found another woman in his arms
Her would fell apart


Some day she'll fly away from this
When someone sees the angel
That she is

In America

Written By: Michael Austin/Billy Roberts


I pledged allegiance to her flag when I was very young
And promised to guide her through the night with a light from above
At eighteen served in a foreign land just to prove my love
For America

I’ve seen her sons and daughters die in these troubled times
And I’ve seen things almost every day that hold no reason or rhyme
It’s time to lend a helping hand cause divided we fall but united we stand
In America

And some might say she ain't as great as she used to be
But her future lies in the hands of you and me
And there ain’t no greater place on earth I’d rather be
Than in America

We cry for rights and freedoms we’ve lost our lands, homes, and our pride
But when it comes to making it right we’ve got to look inside
And even though it seems we're down my friend
We promised to love her till the very end

And some might say she ain’t as great as she used to be
But her future lies in the hands of you and me
And there ain’t no greater place on earth to be free
Than in America

In America, In America
God bless America

Michael Austin BMI /Billy Roberts BMI ©2008 Hookup Entertainment Inc. Used with permission.

Eight Miles South of Sanity

Written By: Shane Minor/Sonny LeMaire/Clay Mills

Desert town up ahead, I've been
driving hard all day
Need a shower, need a rest
Need a place to hide away
Your memory's just over my shoulder
Without you the nights just get colder


One thousand miles behind me
Too many lonely sleepless nights
Three more hours before the sun goes down
and I lose my mind
Five, six, or seven days-I have lost count
since you left me, eight miles south of sanity

Stop these wheels for the night
i finallly found a vacancy sign
Half dreamin', half awake
Somewhere between dead or alive
I hear your voice and my heart starts to race
I've got to get out of this place


Oh, oh, oh, haunting me, chasing me
Down every road
Tell me how far I have to go



Written By: Blair Daly/John Rich/Rodney Clawson

I'll buy a cold beer, lease a jet, chase the sunset
Light your cigarettes baby the roulette
You wanna bet
When you sashay I wanna play have a soiree
Underneath the Milky way paint you like a Monet
In my bed
I'm losing all control


You make me want to stomp kick
With one tasteof your lipstick
Set me off like rocket
You take me to the moon and back again
Baby, what a wild trip
Crack a lack it like a bullwhip
Tounge-tied to the tie clip, yeah
Like a rock n' roll rodeo
You make me want to stomp

It's like an earthquake when we make love till the daybreak
Chocolate cake on your face
You're my soul mate
Ooh it's like nitro gonna blow up like pyro
tumble like a domino
You in those stillettos
But what a way to go!
I'm losing all control

(Chorus 2x)

Your Love is Gonna Kill Me

Written By: Kris Bergsnes/Rick Giles/Jeremy Stover

Smoke cigarettes and you'll be dead
At least that's what my doctor said
Watch your red meat son, watch your fat
Baby, I ain't worried 'bout that


Cuz your love is gonna kill me
Gonna die from the way you thrill me
My heart is racing towards that flatline and that'll be fine
If heaven is just like this
Come on baby give me more kiss
Everything it could be
Your love is gonna kill me

All night long 'til 5 am
Hour and half of sleep again
I don't know what St. Peter'll say
But I'd be proud to go this way


Work all day and I work all night
And it sure is getting tough
And I don't know how much longer I can keep it up


What If I'm Right

Written By: Shane Stockton

You say you can't believe a single thing I've said
You laughed and called me a fool
You tell me that you've heard all of this before
But maybe you should think
Before you close the door


What if I'm right
What if I'm really gonna love you all of my life
What if a brand new me was standing here tonight
Would you take my hand and give me one more try
What if you're wrong and what if I'm right

You say I've made mistakes too many times
And you think that won't stop now
And you been burned too much
to play this game again
But girl until tonight, I didn't want to win.


Single "Neon Halo" released to radio Sept 1, 2008.
Full Album "Neon Halo" available @ ITunes, Amazon, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody.

Set List

Show structure varies by venue and performance type. Below is a sample of songs in set list.

Neon Halo - Austin Law
Take It Like A Man - Austin Law
Everything I Want - Austin Law
Stomp - Austin Law
Friend of Sinners - Austin Law
Eight Miles South of Sanity - Austin Law
Everything's Different Now - Austin Law
Your Love is Gonna Kill Me - Austin Law
Don't Get No Better - Austin Law
You Had Me From Hell No - Austin Law
Man In The Moonshine - Austin Law
What If I'm Right - Austin Law
Over California - Austin Law
In America - Austin Law
Days Go By - Keith Urban
Hicktown - Jason Aldean
Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
Jackson - Johnny Cash/June Carter
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard
Tush - ZZ Top
How Bout Them Cowgirls - George Strait
Turn The Page - Bob Segar
Jesse's Girl - Rick Springfield
God Bless Texas - Little Texas
I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick
Keep Your Hands To Yourself - Georgia Satellites
Angry American - Toby Keith