Austin Manuel

Austin Manuel


My friend, Evan P. Donohue, said it was folk meets shoe-gaze. Folkgaze. I liked that.


I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. A town in love with songs, that calls itself Music City. Thus I was inevitably brought up with music all around. Hank Williams and Patsy Cline and the like seeping into my subconscious, singing of things I yet could understand, except that they felt like home.

I found music, though, in my back yard, much like you might find it anywhere else if you listen for it. I was always fascinated with the waking and sleeping sounds outside my door. The melodious mockingbirds and percussive woodpeckers accompanying me during the long, sweet, Southern summer days filled with adventure. The silent symphony of the setting sun breaking its golden light through the tall standing trees over the hill, and casting the taller shadows across our front yard to sleep. And the magical sounds of crickets that played and owls that sang as we chased and collected the lightening bugs into mason jars on summer nights.

Music was all around.

I realized it was music for me when I finished my first song at fourteen. It was titled, “Mockingbird,” and was written in response to Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, instead of the paper I was suppose to write for my freshman year English class. I was always making up songs on guitar or piano before, all through my childhood, and in response to different things, but it was then when I wrote that song and presented it to my classmates that I woke up and realized. Kinda like when you meet Jesus.

I have been writing songs ever sense.

I write my songs by myself. I play most of my shows with my band. And I still live in Nashville, Tennessee.

In May 2009, I finished recording an ep titled, Envy The Moon, which I began working on in August 2008. Though it has not yet been released to the general public in a tangible form, the songs from the ep are featured here: for your listening pleasure. I hope that you enjoy.


I Envy The Moon

Written By: Austin Manuel

The sun is coming up
You can hear it in the streets
As cars begin to sing
Gently shushing me to sleep
But sleep it does not come
So I'll drink a little wine

How I wish you would come
Like the sun each day
I envy the moon
Whose blueness fades away

But numbness does not bleed
For my love it will not die
So I'll have swallowless pain
Which crescendos like this daylight
As I watch another moon
Dissolve his blueness in sunrise

How I wish you would come
Like the sun each day
I envy the moon
Whose blueness fades away


There are two:
Blanket of Stars (2007)
Envy the Moon (August 2009)

Set List

Generally comprised of my own songs. However many for however long (8-10 usually). And occasionally a soul song. Like Stax soul. Because who doesn't like a Stax soul song?