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Austin May’s mesmerizing music contains whispering voice, yearning melodies, darkly poetic lyrics that pick the right tones, and moods. He is a balladeer whose words and melodies resonate in your soul. Decidedly downbeat, it features primarily acoustic instruments with an ear toward simplicity and limitation. What results is an airy, intimate collection of songs dealing primarily with the human condition, our relationships with ourselves, and with each other...and our greater struggle. Words straight from the heart and strong melodies make it a memorable listen. Some of highlights include “Home To Me,” “Too Much To Ask,” and “S.Bouquet” from the self titled album, “In Theory,” and “Pacific Tide” from “In Theory” EP. - ken dubois


Acoustic rock with personality

Oct 5, 2006 — Artist: Austin May, 24

Describe your sound/style: It's pretty independent acoustic rock kind of stuff. I really don't like to think my music is too similar to other music. I like to think it's a reflection of my own personality. It's really honest and artistic. Or at least I think so.

Who are your influences? I would say Elliot Smith was a really big influence for me. His music was very uncompromising and real. Some other artists I like are Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire.

Last three albums you listened to? I guess realistically the last three I listened to were The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," Elliot Smith, "From a Basement on the Hill" and Aimee Mann "The Forgotten Arm."

Worst band on the radio right now? I really don't like Nickelback.

Who is your biggest musical guilty pleasure? I don't know. There's really nothing that I'm so embarrassed that I don't tell people. I guess I don't think Kelly Clarkson is that bad.

If you could share the stage with any band or artist, who would it be and why? One of my favorite bands growing up was the Smashing Pumpkins. Now that they're working on a new album, that would be nice to open for them, just because you'd be playing for a huge audience and just the whole nostalgia thing.

What songs do you like to cover? I play the Beatles' "Blackbird" (and) "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young. Once in a while, I do an Elliot Smith song. There's also a Bright Eyes song.

Plug one other local band: There's this band called Monroe from Shrewsbury. It's just one guy, and he gets other people to play other instruments and sing. I think he's got a real unique style. I like his music a lot.

Who would win in a fight: Sufjan Stevens or Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes? Hopefully neither of them would have to fight, but Conor would probably be drunk so he would probably win.

What do you need to work on as an artist? I'm trying to get a band together. I've got a bass player I've been working with ... I'd really like to find a drummer.

Shoutouts: There are two bands from Chapel Hill , N.C. that are coming up. They're on tour right now. They're playing on Oct. 7 with me at Sparky & Clark's ? The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers and David Karsten Daniels who just signed to Fat Cat Records.


Catch Austin May about 7 p.m. Saturday at Sparky & Clark's, 284 W. Market St., York.

To hear May's track, "Home to Me," make sure to subscribe to the FlipSide podcast at

For more info on May, visit him on the Web at - jason cox

"whisperin & hollerin"

Our Rating: 7/10
If Lou Barlow of Sebadoh had formed the Velvet Underground as a one-man band, he probably would've recorded a record similar to Austin May's self-titled CD ( With its spare arrangements and low-fi production, "Austin May" epitomizes the indie aesthetic.
The Velvets comparison isn't hype. Strip away Lou Reed's poetic, shockingly vulgar, and streetwise storytelling and you basically have a group that sounds as underground as their name. Like Reed, May has a monotone voice that's as far removed from commercial pop as it gets. But it's his style and a prettier vocal would lighten the punch.
On "Dog Ears," May opens the track by singing slowly, and you wonder where the song is going until, yes, it does pick up and clangs along in prime Velvets fashion. Even better is "Home to Me" with its brittle riffing and sensitive vocals a la Barlow.
Most of today's acoustic rock is too polished, mainly because those artists are trying to break into mass consciousness. May isn't even attempting that. He's following his own muse. There's a downbeat quality to these tunes, especially "Make Up Your Mind" with its tribal drumming, which makes it perfect for rainy, miserable nights. - adam harrington

"ink 19"

I remember hearing Olympia's indie iconoclasts Beat Happening for the first time in college. A classmate of mine blasted one of their tapes in the cafeteria, and gradually you can see the looks of bewilderment and annoyance on the people's faces when they noticed how out of tune the vocals and guitar playing were. It was a true punk rock moment, but there was nothing particularly punk in Beat Happening's state of mind. They weren't ranting at the world, just banging on their instruments in a simple, charming (at least to my ears) way.
Austin May will most likely get that kind of reaction from folks who've absorbed too much Top-40 radio. This is "love it or hate it" material; rarely will you find somebody in the middle. May's voice is dry and often drones, such as on the intro to "Dog Ears." It's an acquired taste. While his singing is not as bizarre as Calvin Johnson's, it's bound to polarize listeners. And there's nothing wrong with that; the most challenging artists are usually not the most widely understood.
The dead branches and storm clouds on the album cover fit the mood. It's a little dreary at times, but it can rock, too -- check out the acoustic shred in "S. Bouquet." May plays all of the instruments himself, and the production doesn't get anymore intimate than this. It feels as if you are in the room with him, listening to these compelling private conversations. - kyrby raine

"the wig fits all heads"

The surprise success of Bright Eyes will most likely open the doors for other uncompromisingly independent male singer/songwriters, but I doubt you will see Austin May on MTV any time soon. That’s certainly not a knock against May, who is simply doing his own thing. The material here is fairly stripped-down, yet there are sharper edges in May’s acoustic rock than what you’d normally expect. “S. Bouquet” is my pick overall for its spellbinding riffs. May takes music back to its basics, handling all of the instrumentation by himself, never burdening his songs with overly complicated arrangements. In fact, they sound as simple as it gets. It may take a while to digest, but it’s a rewarding experience if you give it time to sink in. - karla ash


chemistry (july 3, 2007)
sleep on the floor
1. few and far in between
2. parallax
3. kait
4. chemistry
5. harmony
6. you don't know me

austin may (october 04, 2005)
1. dog ears
2. the best i can
3. home to me
4. make up your mind
5. all i have
6. s. bouquet
7. pacific tide
8. too much to ask
9. don't steal my heart away
10. weekends
11. tomorrow

oasis alternative vol. vi number 2 (march 28, 2006)
oasis cd manufacturing
disc 1
1. black lab - see the sun
2. orleck - the shakes
3. karma ghost - let me think
4. peace with doubt - so alive
5. the business of flies - the perils of being young and idealistic
6. dice fly high - my flavour
7. lori - one zero zero
8. lagoon - unemployed astronaut
9. protostarr - so derailed
10. second solution - you are still waiting
11. vekstar - you should know
12. m80 - homecoming
13. therina bella - deep breath
14. julie mains - beauty queen
15. acheson. - boys
16. kurgan's bane - i'm alive
17. attila horvath - singletrack seduction
18. xuk - unzip
19. jared barkan - darkblue
20. gadsden - vindictive
21. neycha - is this all there is
disc 2
1. stabilizer - honey on a razorblade
2. xuk - petrified
3. downshallow - anonymous
4. cryogen - premonition
5. 6 prong paw - cyst
6. you betray me - trailer park threesome
7. anathema device - drama queen
8. strangers to earth - the sandbox
9. the endless - labyrinth
10. friendly no one - guatemala in my breast pocket
11. the misteriosos - any wonder
12. duane eby - safe chair
13. robbie and the robots - drug free sabbath
14. josh brookoff - video game junkie
15. deviance down - complicated
16. birdhouse gourds - irene
17. dean smith - unconnected
18. austin may - home to me
19. a. molotkov - the dead

in theory (july 25, 2006)
sleep on the floor
1. pacific tide
2. in theory
3. so far from bliss
4. new love
5. these things are too real
6. the storms of early summer


Feeling a bit camera shy


singer and songwriter austin may, now living in a small town in southern pennsylvania, crafts genuine and honest songs pertaining to broken relationships, disappointment, social indifference and life as a 20-something with no real direction. his music is influenced greatly by musicians and bands such as elliott smith, bright eyes and matt sharp but he really makes his songs his own by using slow tempos and simple arrangements to emphasize the often dark subject matter of his music.

austin's second release, in theory, takes an even more extreme route than his self-titled cd by eliminating everything from his music but a softly strummed guitar and a frail whispered voice. now an online release and a free download from his record label, sleep on the floor, this six song ep really showcases austin's unique and uncompromising approach to songwriting. and the lo-fi production really helps convey the deeply personal nature of in theory.