Austin PAruch

Austin PAruch


Its poweful, soulful, and always developing. Heavily influenced by rock and the worlds best lyricists; Dylan, Morisson, Vedder, etc... Its all about the song. Its all about the mood. Its all about mining human emotion.


Austin Paruch’s musical roots began to grow in early childhood. As a young boy, he would sit in front of the stereo, absorbing every harmony, note, and discord from his father’s collection of LPs. Now, at age 23, he remains captivated by music. His music blends melody with madness, happiness with sadness, and love and anger with fear and danger. His lyrics are powerful, intimate, and soulful. Austin’s music expresses the dark side of life, but in a celebratory fashion. His music is always surprising, incorporating the elements of Everlast, Beck, The Doors, Pearl Jam, Radio Head, Pink Floyd, and others.

His recently self-released full length album, Give it Time has been steadily finding its audience. The Album is currently receiving airplay on over 180 stations nation wide, and has reached the CMJ top 30 list a number of stations. Tin records has chosen to inclued "Iron Nation" on their New Music Series compilation cd to be released January 2007. Tin records has chose "Iron Nation" to be included on a compilation album entitle New Music Series 2007. Here’s what Austin has to say about the album:

“I went thorough a very tough time. For about two years I had been struggling with depression and anxiety. It is obvious that this time of my life caused the creation of Give it Time.

I have received mixed opinions about the album. Some don’t like its sparse nature, yet some embrace it. I’m glad I made this album; it helped me get through the hardest time of my life. However, I am ready to move on to my next project.”

“My music is based heavily on the lyrical content of the songs. I write about human emotion, and personal experiences. People have grown to expect that from me, and I have developed a need to do so.”

As for the future, Austin is looking to tour to create awareness of his album. A new batch of songs is also under way, hopefully to be recorded and released in early 2007.
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SADDOG ep 2005

Give it Time lp 2006

Set List

Sets normally between 45 and 90 minutes. I perfom solo, full band, and everything in between.