Austin Pops

Austin Pops


We are a rock band that just so happens to be a 31 piece orchestra. We combine the exciting string, wind and brass sounds with a driving rock rhythm section. The result is a huge sound with unmatched instrumental and vocal diversity.


Austin Pops brings together world class instrumentalists and singers in a 31 piece rock orchestra. Bandleader Jamie Desautels writes original songs and arranges classic pop tunes ranging from Guns n' Roses and Aerosmith to Mozart and the Gipsy Kings.


Can't Go Wrong

Written By: Jamie Desautels & Leah Zeger

Need new ground
Austin bound
Grab the bull by the horns
I was lost
Now I'm found
I'm feelin' reborn
Start packin'
All my bags
Destination unknown
I've got my airport tags
Flight attendant pours me a glass
Movin' on
Movin' on
Can't go wrong
Movin' on

I'm leavin'
Goin' out on a limb
Here it is
The big kiss off
I'm more into now than I was then

Movin' on
Movin' on
Can't go wrong
Movin' on


Can't Go Wrong, Just In Time, Trajectory, Glorious Heights, Queen of the Night, Flower Song, The Fall and the Rise

Set List

Trajectory, Glorious Heights, Layla, Carroll County Blues, Get Rhythm, Beaumont Rag, Mind Your Own Business, Paranoid Android, Crown of Love, Leif Erikson, Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels), Just In Time, Can't Go Wrong, November Rain