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Jackson, Ohio, United States | SELF

Jackson, Ohio, United States | SELF
Band Pop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Austyn - Smokey vocals and smooth funk infused beats"

Austyn's unique tone and eclectic style shine through on Every Little Thing combining elements of R&B past and present. -

"Skope Magazine Interview"

Skope: What does it mean to be featured in a music community as diverse as Skope?

Austyn: Its an exciting opportunity. Most sites and magazines tend to focus all of their attention on one genre so the variety Skope offers is great. I’m sure it’ll also put my music out there for people who may not typically listen to artists similar to myself and hopefully some of those people enjoy the songs as well.

Skope: Would you say that the warm summer weather makes you more inspired to create music?

Austyn: I think it does. My newest single, “Hands Up”, has that Summertime vibe behind it too. Summer is also the best time of year to go check out concerts ; I’d say its the best season for music all around.

Skope: What is the most exciting aspect of being an independent artist in 2010?

Austyn: Opportunities like this are a big part of it. Thanks to the Internet, promotion is easier to come by. I also really like being able to talk to the people who enjoy my music. It helps to keep me motivated and on track with my writing.

Skope: What other bands & musicians are you listening to right now?

Austyn: I always listen to a lot of old school soul like Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, and all the old Motown groups. Believe it or not, I’m a huge KISS fan as well so I’ve been listening to their latest release “Sonic Boom” quite a bit. As far as new artists go, I’m really liking Melanie Fiona right now: her record is a great mix of hip hop and Motown styled soul.

Skope: Has the Internet leveled the playing field between indie & major label artists?

Austyn: In some ways it has. Major labels still have the edge because of the budgets and their resources in terms of touring, television, and radio. Indie artists definitely have benefitted though from the Internet. Without stores like iTunes and Amazon, I’m sure a lot of us would never be able to sell a single CD or single; having your music available on those services is a great thing.

Skope: What is coming up for you and where can readers learn more about you?
Austyn: Your readers can visit to keep up to date on me. I just released my newest single, “Hands Up” on iTunes and Amazon and hope to have more available soon. - Skope Magazine


We've all heard of the extremely talented soul singers who aren't African-American. There's Michael Bolton, Hall & Oates, Tina Marie, Lisa Stansfield, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and the list goes on and on. Well, meet the new face of "blue-eyed soul" Austyn. The midwest crooner caught our attention from the first note, and with such great musical compositions behind him, Austyn is guaranteed to make you put your "Hands Up".

Full interview available at link. - IAE Magazine


"Future Has-Been" Era - 2011/2012

This isn't necessarily an album-its a collection of singles that I will be releasing throughout the coming year(s). An album should be cohesive with a certain sound: "Future Has-Been" is a clusterfuck of sounds straight from my mind into your ears.



In this day and age of dumbass alcoholics frolicing around the Jersey Shore and has-been celebrities tap dancing around in sequined leisure suits passing as entertainment, I bring you pop music that should fit in perfectly with such low standards. Music laced with unnecessary profanity and desperate attempts at coining catch phrases in hopes of then selling you said catch phrases on a t-shirt or perhaps a fanny pack. Fuck vanity, credibility, and artistic merit... my music is for all of the other outsiders of the world who aren't afraid to admit to and laugh at their flaws, epic fails, and inability to function as a normal human on a daily basis. On that note, I give you "Future Has-Been", the first stage of what is hopefully a career that will linger on well past its prime.