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My music is like a good dream. You don't want to wake up from it. when it's over your left excited wishing you could have that dream again. With my music you can experience this everytime, morning, noon and night.


Born Robert Marshall, Authentic has been in love with music ever since he could remember. The 19 year old grew up on the westside of Detroit and is now ready to take the hip hop industry by storm.

His music influences includes artist such as Marvin Gaye, John Lennon, Tupac and too many others to name. These influential people in some way or another have all impacted Athentic's music which is why he stands out.

His music will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and will definately be the soundtrack to a lot of people's lives. Authentic says, "don't look at my age but look at my soul." This dynamic performer will show the music industry that they can have faith in our youth because there are alot of old souls out there. Authentic describes his music as colorful and very passionate. In his song, "The Day In The Life," he explains the mindset of a person having a hum drum day which we all can relate to. Then he flips the script with his club banger "Motion In The Ocean." Get ready to witness something great which is by the way, authentic!


I Bring The Pain

Written By: Authentic

I bring the pain, yall cats suck to me, yall aint tough to me you all the same
I bring the pain, till im dead and gone can you prove me wrong I think not
I bring the pain, to the studio, to that radio whever I go
I bring the pain, motown do what you do we about to blow if the rap game only knew


When I wake up in the morning and im yourning I pray
And I ask the lord to give me just one more day

Lord grant me the chance to come correct to the mic
And make songs that’s good, plus that the whole hood likes

I don’t fight. I go to war, got a military mind
Step on me the wrong way im blowing up like a mine.

I aint hard to find the 313 is where I stay
And when I die in the 313 is where ill lay

Don’t play the lord above granted me immunity
So everyday I rise it’s a new opportunity

For me to bring the pain to the whole rap game
Cause the songs that being spitten are oh so lame

That’s why I authentic can’t come the same
That’s why me authentic must bring the pain

Ands it’s the P.A.I.N that’s must be brought
And the B.O. to the Y cannot be bought


The second verse is coming shortly man just be calm
But gotta take a minute out to just thank my mom

Thankyou mom for giving birth to the realist rapper today
Possessing the power to stop the K.K.K

And you aint never heard a flow as educated as mines
Cats are ignorant now days with there rubberbate minds

But leave it up to me to nourish the brain
With a voice that have you shacking like a shot of cocaine

Straight to your vein, and my clique is so retarded
We wont girls to blow us like an old Sega cartage

Can’t stop this because it’s written in stone
D-clique till I die flesh, blood, and bones

IM a work in progress so just picture me later
Best thing in the d since stink pink gators

I know you feel it but you hating on me
But just wait until I hit you with that verse number 3


Everyday I bring the P.A.I.N
And every day I gotta G.A.I.N

In order for me to W.I.N
The world wants me to S.I. to the N

And im alone all by myself
And when the clique is with me I still act like myself

So if you thinking greasy man tonight aint the night
Get that career ended quicker than Tyson fight


Motion In The Ocean

Written By: Authentic

Let me see that body in motion, make it move girl like the ocean. (Repeat2x)
Stop… yeah break it on down (repeat3x)

Wit a vinyl or an 8 track, girls get sweaty tracks. Authentic all facts and yeah the flows intact.

What’s that? It’s the motion in the ocean, looking in shorty’s eyes I can tell she focused.

Hocus-pocus, abra kadabra I ain’t good with magic but I know I could have ya.

Mingling, swinging from a swing in my bedroom or straight to the backseat it’s plenty of legroom.

Perfume got me smelling ya neck, if ya smell this good do ya give good neck.

Now I’m just playin, I lay it dont say it, a lot of dudes talk but the pipe ain’t laying.

One shot a have you gone hitting high notes, left stroke, death stroke, get a lug of this tug boat.

Men from mars I’m mercury rising hypnotized by face body so optizen.


I remember girls acted stuck up didn’t wanna see da man, now they in the Holiday Inn they seeing sea man.

Bang this beat man club to the streets man. Usually with my clique but tonight it’s on me man.

And I ain’t stopping till I get enough. And life way too short homey live it up.

Fellas grab her by the waste. Feel the temperature rising. Ladies grab his hand put it right next to ya thighs and..

Proceed to move grind if ya can. It’s the 06 version of the cha cha man.

Forget your crew they flowers on the wall. And they mad cause she on the dance floor touching ya.

Balls in my court. Watch me levitate to da hole, watchem melting in my hands take full control.

Both know that there’s a party to please me and the other to feelin the same buzz as me.


They like the sexy way I walk, they like the sexy way I talk

It’s just the little things I do
That make them not even notice you

Like when I step inside the spot
Guaranteed some ladies getting hot

Authentic fresh up out the pot
Lil mama give it all you got

And im special, and you special
Sippen on some hennessy that say very special

Good conversation shes a real intellectual
Look her in eyes wondering if she was sexual

Legs in the air noticing she was flexible
Hot to death im tring to get next to you

Hot to death im trying to get next to you
Hot to death I need to get next to you

A Day In The Life

Written By: Authentic

Puffin on a square, smoke in the air, hatters all around but I just don’t care. It’s a day in the life.

Living in Hell invisible cells, solitary confinement, money, murder, drugs is what the youth’s aligned wit.

I’m so blinded I won’t do cash and cream. Tired of living average and way under my means.

Finer things we want so finer things we get, by any means, even if it’s something that they regret.

Upset, the mind is going weed is blowing, not knowing Trans and engine is going.

Ninety-dollar check cool you just put it in the bank, you can’t by Monday, thirty went to the gas tank.

It’s so pitiful. Blame it on the political process but really it’s us. It’s all nonsense.

Bush aint here so stop all ya crying. And ya boy ain’t coming home girl the government was lying.


Grown woman fresh to death, your son don’t eat
You content with a card that says e.b.t

Watching b.e.t you the next video girl
So you gonna quit your job at pretzel world

Thought you was special girl, you just an extra girl
And it’s a billion other freakier and finer girls

And this is real, so let me throw it in your face
Everybody is eating, blacks is dinner on the plate

So bless the food its time for dinner
And pray to god that we get more rappers, actors, and oscar winners

The truth is cold and harse, harse and cold
And every single second more lies is told

I don’t preach but teach, its all freedom of speech
Aint touched a bible but you wanna wear a Jesus piece

And I aint perfect or a goodie to shoes
Cause it’s a lot of faces that done seen the bottom of my shoes


See the world through my eyes. I see pain, pain, and more pain hard to maintain, gain, enough to make you go insane.

Pushing cane bring fame, no cash considered lame, mental strain from my peers, ain’t a single thin changed.

Suck at selling rocks on da block, had to stop, cant glorify it man cause that’s something that I’m not.

But I’m a go-getter like my mother. Can’t trust nobody, got jacked by my own brotha.

I still love you brother, came from da same mother, keep ya mind right, stay chasing that bread and butter.

I can’t call it, grew up with alcoholics, uncles and auntie’s, my family tree is falling.

But Ima stay strong, head to the sky, till I fade out to tell this whole world bye.


Released a mix tape titled the, "Gas Chamber," in the summer of 2005 which went city wide.

Set List

Authentic offers much more than a typical set list but instead an entire experience. He first gets the audience going with his hit song Da Pain which is a full blown warning to the Hip Hop competition. With a hypnotic beat and baseline the audience is pulled in and that's when he makes them move with his second track, Motion In The Ocean. As the crowd calms down he changes the mood with his third and final song titled, Day in the Life.

1. Da Pain
2. Motion In The Ocean
3. Day In The Life