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Houston, Texas, United States | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
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"2 Mixtapes & 1 Beat Battle: A Busy Underground-Rap Saturday"

AuthenticSnoopy, Snoopy is still a pup (see what we did there?) here in town. He first had his named typed by Rocks Off after delivering an enjoyable verse at SF2's now-defunct Kickback Sunday event back in January. He's not the best, but he's talented and he appears to work hard and he has nice teeth, so we've charted the beginning of his career with marked interest. Everything Ain't Enuff is his first proper tape.

?#AuthenticSnoopy Regarding the tape, it's both what you'd expect from, and hope to find, in a first project: Several good parts, a couple of bad parts, and one or two overachieving parts from which a prosperous amount of potential can be gleaned. Quick:
#3BadParts: 1) The first proper song on the tape is called "Sit On My Throne," the fourth is "Hall of Fame," the seventh is "Dynasty," the tenth is "Love Me" and the eleventh is "I'm Cool." That type of braggadocio certainly isn't unique to Snoopy - nearly everyone does it; Google's effect on culture and hyperbole and blah, blah, blah - but its ubiquity doesn't make it in any more palatable. And, actually, "Hall of Fame" is titled as an aspiration, but you get the point.
2) There are not very many extra-innovative moments; handfuls of hashmark punchlines and A-A-B, A-A-B rhyme schemes and so on.
3) He accidentally tried to hijack Nicki Minaj's "Did It On 'Em," a genuine atom-smashing instrumental. It's admirable but overzealous, like challenging Kobe Bryant to a game of 1-on-1, him agreeing, then you calling his mother a whore and then letting him have the ball first.

#2GoodParts: 1) "Love Me," the evolution of his best song ("Hello"), utilizes an obscure rock sample and works hard to impress. It is reason enough to anticipate smart, bold moves from Snoopy in the future.
2) He does not bog the tape down with features, a trap plenty of newbies have fallen into. Here, we find K-Dogg, Yung Truth, KAB Tha Don and YP as guest stars, all comparable talents. By the way, those features are listed in the order of impressiveness. In due time, K-Dogg is going to be a real headache.

#1ExceptionalPart: "I'm the coach after practice, 'Don't sit on my balls.'" That's a metaphor that's also a parable that's also a homonym. Aces.

#AuthenticSnoopy The place was packed, surprising considering Snoopy's current place in the underground rap pecking order. He seemed genuinely appreciative. All of the featured rappers on the tape were there, as were Doughbeezy, Renzo, Will from Affiliated Soldierz, Cuddy, Tha Centop, Hoodstar Chantz, an albino guy and a guy in a perplexing sweater vest with a hood on it. - Houston Press: Shea Serrano

"Authentic Snoopy 'Everything Ain't Enuff'"

Doper than dope debut tape from up and coming Houston spitsman Authentic Snoopy. The kid has styles for days and an excellent ear for production (this Geekins guy’s beats are serious). “I’m Cool” (KAB and Yung Truth is such a winning combo) and “Bomb Dot Com” are my immediate favorites, but there isn’t anything skip-worthy on this thing. - Steady Bloggin/ Phila Flava

"Authentic Snoopy - Everything Ain't Enuff"

On June 18th, Authentic Snoopy, out of Houston, released his new mixtape Everything Ain’t Enuff. First up is “Love Me.” I would listen to this version of the song over the original any day. This song features KDogg, another artist whose music I am looking forward to hearing. Then there is “Skatin” ft. Y.P. This song is so “N.E.R.D. ish” and I love it.

I’m usually not a fan of beat jacks but one of my favorites on this tape is “Been Up On It.” Snoopy raps over Nick Minaj’s “Did It On Em.” Off of first glance I thought it would be wack, but it is far from that. The line “All on my Dragon Ball Z’s/ No Goku” solidified this track as one of my faves.

I'm not going to go through song by song because I want you to download and hear for yourself, but another must listen on this mixtape is "I'm Cool" featuring KAB and Yung Truth. KAB and Yung Truth are two other artists that are killing it, so this automatically makes this song first-rate. - The Examiner - Maddie Samuels

"Video: Authentic Snoopy Bomb Dot Com"

Snoopy’s Everything Ain’t Enuff tape is still trudging along and the Be EL Be directed clip for “Bomb Dot Com” only reaffirms Snoopy’s hunger. No need for a true script, Snoopy just steps in front of the camera, does what comes natural to him (rap about himself, of course) and conveys an easy message of youthful bravado. - Day And A Dream -Brandon C.


09/24/2010 - (Mixtape) Purple Clouds
06/18/2011 - (Mixtape) Everything Aint Enuff

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Features single: "Hello"



Authentic Snoopy; is southern born and raised even Inspired by the grind of Some of the Great Houston Legends. His music is contrary to the style, as you can hear in his lyrics and delivery he is a firm demonstrator of the new wave of music led by the likes of Kanye West, Drake, Wale, Big Sean amongst others. He Became a serious solo artist in the beginning months of 2010 and since, he has caught on quickly. Rooted from poetry he prides his music off of personal experiences and holds no shame in exposing his past in any attempt to connect to listeners which separates him from "fabricated rappers".

Dropped the first mixtape “Purple Tie” in the spring of 2010 and “Purple Clouds” in the fall, riding his single “Whats Good” has landed him plenty of performances (Midtown, Ibar, TocBar, Rehab, Heat, Martells, Isis and others) alsothe title Mr.Next-To-Blow previous to winning The Best Rappers in Tx Competition in the month of Janurary hosted by SMR.

In the quest to become a staple in the music industry this is the start of his foundation that seems to be promising for success. Also mentioned by the Houston press,,,, multiple personal blogs, and contacted by super Houston producer Mr.Lee and C.Wallace (producer of upgrade u by beyonce) considered apart of this “Young Houston” movement also featured in Clutch City Mag site, Fushion Mag site, & Storm Magazine…His time is here.