Autistic Love

Autistic Love


We are a new wave band. We try to write songs that convey meaning through the sound of the instruments and lyrics. We're just up to have fun and extremely enjoy being on stage. We try to write songs that are interesting to us. If you like Nirvana or Devo or Sonic Youth, you'll probably like us.


Autistic Love is the lovechild of many other long-dead and buried bands. They are slowly turning the alternative-underground scene in the GTA on it's head. Combining a sheer love of music, energy, enthusiam, and pure passion to create a sound that they believe is music in its purest form: filthy, yet harmonic. We try hard so you don't have to! Just kidding. Well we do try hard. All we care about is making music, and really don't care if it doesn't fit some popular mould for today. All we do is listen to music we all agree is awesome and then try to replicate it and attempt to make it cool again.


Everybody Dance Now Vol. 6 - "Forgiveness Cheese" featured
Manufactured Cool - 11 track Cd. Released July 14th, 2011

Everybody Dance Now Vol. 6 is a C + C Music Production. It is exclusively run by the two local college/university radio stations Mohawk's 101.5 INDI FM, and McMaster's 93.3 CFMU. They collaborate at selected what they believe as the top 42 songs they've heard over the course of 2011, and which have received the best feedback from listeners and put them on this compilation album.

Manufactured Cool was recorded in August 2010 at Hive Studios in Hamilton, Ontario. We had the CD in our hands by mid September 2010, but due to school conflicts, and the fact that CD duplication costs a lot of money, we had trouble raising the cash up until July which is when we released it at the Casbah in Hamilton to great acclaim. This album is 10 tracks long with a secret track added on to the final song on the album.