Tampa, Florida, USA

An instrumental 3 piece that fuses elements of prog, post and math rock, and throws in the occasional jazz, funk and reggae flavors. The players have the chops to spare and a good working chemistry that adds up to a dynamic whole. RIYL: Don Caballero, Battles, Mercury Program, Pele, Ghosts & Vodka.


At the start of 2010, instrumental Tampa trio Auto!Automatic!! went about their business assertively, composing with enhanced eloquence and performing their latest material in the Bay’s best venues. Embarking on a productive departure from 2009’s Another Round Won't Get Us Down, the band added new bassist Adam Khan, whose groove-oriented, jazz influenced bass lines seamlessly amplify an expansive sonic spectrum constructed by guitarist Brian Larsen and drummer Alex Fedele. “The instrumental three-piece fuses elements of prog, post, and alt rock, and throws in the occasional jazz, funk, and reggae flavors. The players have chops to spare and good working chemistry that adds up to a dynamic whole,” wrote Tampa Bay’s Creative Loafing in naming Auto!Automatic!! best prog fusion band of 2010.

On the strength of its following (which tends toward rabid commitment) and its acclaim, the band aimed to raise $3500 via to fund the recording and release of a new album. With accolades emerging from all angles, perhaps they should have predicted that they would wind up with a surplus. The results of the band’s audacious new effort is a genre-defeating cocktail of sound served brashly on the platter of a self-titled album released in August 2011 by Brokenmold Entertainment. If Auto!Automatic!! can be called “experimental,” then it’s worth noting that what they’ve cooked up in their laboratory has a rapid effect: the album was named Creative Loafing’s Best Album for 2011, only weeks after its release. As superior sonic mixologists, it is no surprise that Auto!Automatic!! is the toast of the town. “The eight-track sophomore ebbs and flows,” writes Creative Loafing, “from quiet and pensive to insistent and intense, to cool and collected. Some tracks play around with menacing dissonance ("FYF," "Premature Esongulation") while others are more groove-oriented ("Suzanne Cook Is a Saint," "2 Girls, World Cup"), but all feature the tight interplay of three musicians who've really come into their sound.”

Listening to Auto!Automatic!! live amounts to something greater than simply watching a band – it is more like stitching oneself into an atmosphere of precisely balanced harmonics. Make no mistake: this is a loud-ass rock band, but the way A!A!! weave their elements together hails attention forcefully only to let the mind wander; like sitting on the water’s edge in contemplation and feeling the tide wash over, finally, again and again. “Larsen,” says Creative Loafing, “is ridiculously adept and can switch up the tone and style of his playing at any given moment, tapping or shredding solos, picking through arpeggios or plucking harmonics, looping notes and building atmospherics, incorporating fuzzy distortion or wailing reverb. Khan brings the grooves to the table, and is skilled enough that he can coordinate and harmonize with Larsen, synch up with Fedele's rhythms, or provide a low-end foundation when Larsen and Fedele are matching paces. Fedele keeps tight rhythms with seeming ease, setting the speed or matching Larsen's change in time signatures, adding a fast breakdown or metal aggressive feel, and all this with nary a superfluous fill to be heard.” Description-defiance is a value Auto!Automatic!! holds refreshingly close to its rhythmically beating heart, but the band has shared the stage with some notable acts: Battles, El Ten Eleven, The Mercury Program, Joan of Arc, Unwed Sailor, Codeseven, and many others.

RIYL: Don Caballero, Battles, Mercury Program, Pele, Ghosts & Vodka.


Auto!Automatic!! - 'Self-Titled' (2011)
Auto!Automatic!! - 'Another Round Won't Get Us Down' (2006)