Auto Body

Auto Body


Amazing well written, played and sung. Professional Hard rock/alternative band. Sounds like Coheed and Cambria meets SoundGarden with a new twist as well.


AutoBody is a group of friends that formed almost too easily. While all band members had played together before in such bands as the progressive rock/metal group "theR.A.C.E." (theRevoltAgainstCulturalExtinction) and PoP Rock music junkies "Out of Your Mouth", it still seemed like a new experience for the guys. With Jerrod on Bass and lead vocal, Graeme on lead/rhythm guitars and Rob holding down drums the simplicity of a three piece was very appealing. Together for over two years now and currently working on a full length album with 12 songs, the boys hope to tour, make a video(s) and just generally rock people out with their brand of.....well thats where it gets interesting. "Our songs are hard to pin down, if you had to look for our album in record stores it would be either in rock or metal sections but probably both" says guitar slinger Graeme McInnis. The group describes their songwriting process as "standing in front of the drummer writing on the spot". Some riffs are writtten at home, but they all get worked into a song together. Its like all music is a progression from their influences mashed together by each individual persons tastes, churning out some hard pounding rhythms heavy guitars and raw vocals with a big serving of melody. Together you are left with something that doesnt quite fit in with many other bands or genres. This may be the start of a new one.



Written By: AutoBody

Cant die cant I fallin down but getting up
Cant die Can I killin me with my emotions
nine lives two left, poisened by my destiny
can I though I try
strings connect the heat intense live and burning in misery
realize your your running out of answers why dont you try new perception taste it youll look no further I want to see your life go deeper why dont you take it away
repaet v 1
these wings wings are broken and I like always am coming down
iwant it I need it I want it now
reach for gun ill try once more
reach for hand ill try once more
repeat v2
repeat v1


Written By: AutoBody

V1.corroded arteries plaque builds and chokes up the system like the lies that billow from your mouth the process of love
I've had enough I'm done know when to quit a promise made with scars that open

dont let go hanging from the ledge again clinging to the side of our lives just when you think about giving in remember the night we vowed on the bloodline.

V2.Proccupied all the time preoccupied with everything, I have to admit that im amazed the situation doesnt faze you expecting the problem will pass on, but your losing yourself can it be the end?
hold on hold on hold on ..Ive got you...
Chorus x2


Written By: AutoBody

I drove this road as a new born in the cab of a kenworth truck grandpa later drove sister and to see dad when his luck ran out

this road a thousand miles of runnning away, I'll drive the blacktop come back someday

This road took me to music measure the bars and the staff arranging the flowers for the death of my father the highway can still hear him laugh
number one....
if you find yourself lost and wondering which way to go get back on the road that got you there and never forget where your from
layers of ashphalt equate to the aging of our skin, becoming the foundation for our next abuse
will this road ever be gold is there a better road from where iv been to where im going of course of course crack the wheel and take yourself a new path
this life is scared with cracks leading to no where


All band members have been professional musicians for years. Jerrod and Rob were in "Out of Your Mouth" Signed to Zomba BMG Canada, with 3 singles released to radio/much music etc.
AutoBody Full length Album to be released May 2007.

Set List

We have 18 original songs. 12 will be on our upcoming album. Live we play as many as time allows. Set usually 30 -45 minutes