Some say we sound like the illegitimate child of Hum and Jawbreaker...we just say we play rock music. Check us out; you just might like it!


It all started in 2003 after the demise of Ryan's band ENDWELL and Todd's departure from Baltimore's CYBIL. In 2005, after a year and a half of writing music and searching for the right lineup, Cy joined up, a new, unnamed band was born. For three months we looked for a band name, and in the very end we became AUTOCADE - a rarely used word we happened upon by accident. Influences range from punk to metal, to reggae to progressive. The sound is firmly rooted in punk, just with lots of surprises in each song.


We recorded a demo in October 2005. We need to get ourselves back into the studio soon.

Set List

We're loud, and we're also relatively new to to 90% of our audiences at this point in time. So we keep things relatively short - long enough to show 'em what we got, and short enough for the occasional request to "play one more!" Set time can be anywhere from 30-45 minutes, as needed.
"Cast or Casket"
"Silver Lining"
"Hero of Humility"
"Fantastic Planet"
"Starlet Park"
"Rank and File"
"The Shortest Distance"
"Exit Stage Right"