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Auto Defiance

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Alternative Indie


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This band has not uploaded any videos




"Auto Defiance combines everything we love about the 90's with their own extraordinary flare. At first the guitars and drums hook you and then Boyer’s voice and lyrics reel you in. Have a listen, I insist." - FURIES MAGAZINE klzook

""Heart Attack" Review: All These Noises: Volume 1. (Compilation)"

"Driven by an excellent guitar sound, this track will delight your ears. The bass and drums sound amazing resembling a starry night. The singer’s voice is drench in passion. The structure is well put. The chorus is enchanting and very catchy....." - The Musical Junkie

"Music Review, Mountain Xpress, Asheville NC"

"From East Nashville's art deco district, the melodic rock quintet sounds more post-Velvet Underground, more post-Guided by Voices, more post-Collective Soul than, say, The Band Perry. Or whatever."
- - Alli Marshall , Mountian Xpress

"Unsigned/New/Damn Good Undiscovered Artists"

. . checked out debut single and it's awesome! You can definitely hear the influence of the Cure. It takes me back to those Breakfast Club days. It's definitely worth your ears, so check out their myspace page, you won't be disappointed! - Dj Scorpia - DJ Scorpia

"Live Debut Press Release - Auto Defiance Rocks Nashville"

From High Energy Anthems To Dreamy Ballads, Auto Defiance Rocks Nashville
By Underground Mass Media Music
Dated: May 23, 2008
"Nashville Indie Rocks!" A SESAC sponsored series. Five
bands inthe lineup each playing about 25 mins. Radio support from 102.9 The Buzz
Auto Defiance, formed in 2007 and fronted by local Nashville singer/songwriter Bradley Boyer playfully
straddles the lines between Alternative Rock, Acoustic Pop, and Post Punk. With their trademark sound of lush instrumentation, layered guitars, soaring melodies, this band writes music without boundaries.
Inspired by larger than life characters from pop artist Andy Warhol to musical deities such as Jeff
Buckley, Robert Smith, Bono, and Morrissey, Auto Defiance fully understands the power of iconography in
As a singer/songwriter Bradley Boyer's unique palette morphs to accommodate the atmosphere of the song
and numerous music business insiders have sung his praises. Upon moving to Nashville in 2000, Bradley
was approached by industry songwriter Robert Malec who wanted him to co-write four songs for an
upcoming Goo Goo Dolls project. Boyer turned it down. Though it never took off, it did introduce him to numerous opportunities and a number of well respected contacts which led to on-air interviews, radio
airplay, and unanimous positive reviews for the independent artist and his already budding career. - Global Press Release

"Recommended: Auto Defiance (UK Music Blog Review)"

I’d all but stopped writing about unsigned bands because of the pitiful quality of acts that emailed me, but Auto Defiance are worth writing about!

The band hails from Nashville, Tennessee, and there’s actually very little information about them apart from their enigmatic frontman. Apparently Boyer has committed heavily to this project, even turning down the prospect of working with The Goo Goo Dolls in favour of Auto Defiance. The band are currently in the studio working on their debut album.

Describing the sound as Indie Rock meets Post Punk (which they do) vastly undersells this band. What I like about them is the rich sonic textures that grace their songs. Captain Kelly is a beautifully performed acoustic song, complimented perfectly with subtle orchestration lifting the choruses. Breathe Air, meanwhile, takes ambient electric rock to exciting places: the kind of song you can get totally lost in.

Look What You’re Buying sees the band veering into heavier territory, again with those think guitar textures and insistent snares. I’m tempted to say a little like Oasis’ famed ‘wall of sound’ but with slightly more bite. Ghost Inside Your House is by far the most experimental song in their MySpace player, with claustrophobic vocal effects and more good use of strings to move the song along, while sustained washes of distortion underline the melody. Just brilliant.

You can find Bradley and Auto Defiance online on and MySpace. There are more songs to listen to on the MySpace page, so I recommend that you check that one out first!

Since today’s been a posting frenzy [yes, that's sarcasm right there], why not check out the Auto Defiance MySpace page, listen to a few tunes and tell me what you think of the music. I’d love to get a few more musicians on here critiquing and helping each other out.

- - Gerard McGarry

"On-Air Interview WMTS 88.3"

"Auto Defiance has a sound that is unique and unlike any I've heard before. They are an alternative rock band with emo influences hoping to create a whole new genre of music. During the interview we discussed emo and its controversial acceptance among music lovers." - Jane Powell - Eclectic Cuts

"Auto Defiance: MusicInterview"

Auto Defiance’s unique sound of indie rock blended with electronica elements is envision by songwriter Bradley Boyer. The bands five-song self released EP “Damina’s Dream” will be released in May 30th, presenting a blend of dark-pop music with a shot of edge.

- Frozen Aisle Magazine - Xavier Abraham

"Review From Music Supervisor"

Hello Bradlee,

You have a great sound and music with your unique sound tends to do very well in music placement.

You obviously are making this your long life career and I commend you for putting in all of the effort and dedication needed to be a success.

Would like to speak to you about a placement opportunity for a car commercial, that I strongly believe that your song 'Breath Air' has just the right sound for.

- Brenda Polar - Hitt Music Group

"REVIEW: Auto Defiance "Ghost Inside Your House""

It's not often in the world of independent music that you really get to hear polished and professional sounding music. Auto Defiance has captivated my attention with their song "Ghost Inside Your House". - The Tide Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



With a signature sound of dark, lush instrumentation combined with pensive lyrics, a unique blend of art-rock has emerged. Hailing from East Nashville, Tennessee, The Auto Defiance is led by enigmatic songwriter Bradley Boyer. Joined by four fellow songwriters and musician friends from the local eastside area who share a love for playing heavy-yet-atmospheric songs, in 2013, they released their debut album "Running on the edge". An edgy adventure from high-energy anthems to melodramatic ballads. The band features ambient vintage film footage blasting brightly flickering behind the band live.

Creating enchanting music without boundaries, The Auto Defiance playfully blurs the lines between alternative, indie pop and post rock. Their live performance is all about telling a story, while exploring new sonic and visual film territory together. Inspired by larger than life characters such as pop artist Andy Warhol, to bands such as Radiohead, Pixies or The Cure. Auto Defiance fully understand the power of iconography in music.

June 2009, their self-released EP "Damiana's Dream" carries you into a five song mini-melodrama. Soaked with cello, synths and a thick dose of layered guitars; each song carries you into another place and time. Their first single received a Billboard World Songwriter award. Auto Defiance chameleon-like creation of grandiose art rock music is both endearing and inspiring.

2011, kicked off with a new string of a string of new "Songs with short films", sprinkled with "uber-shorts" behind the scenes footage, releasing their new EP single "Kidding Myself" to be followed by a full length record.