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The best kept secret in music


"Various Press"

“Auto Escape combines great songwriting, melodies and performance in a way that is universally appealing … They are one of the best new bands around and I’m very excited about their future.”

- Chris Ryan, Music Director / DJ for KDGE 102.1 The Edge, Dallas’ biggest rock station

“Auto Escape draws from several moods and styles, often in the same song: poppy, snotty, sexy, angst. This is rock with a promising future…”

- Ayo, DJ for KDGE 102.1 The Edge, Dallas’ biggest rock station

“...The Auto Escape EP blew me away. Rockin’, poetic, melodic, driving rhythm section, sincere vocals… my cd player has been stuck in repeat mode ever since.”

- Shameless Entertainment (Los Angeles, CA)

“From the minute they took the stage, I was captivated… their music is catchy, unique and amazing. This band just nails every single song and has such an awesome stage presence. They were even better live than I expected… their CD is absolutely amazing, and I just can't seem to get enough of it.”

- The Houstonian (Houston, TX)

“Auto Escape was excellent… an awesome band… they’re going to go far… they deserve the attention.”

- The Fort Worth Weekly (Fort Worth, TX)

“I seriously cannot say enough good stuff about Auto Escape... The band rocks, plain and simple. Last night I got to experience the band live and I was blown away. It’s so refreshing, not only to find an amazingly talented band, but to also find out they have a head for this business and are willing to do what it takes to get where they want to be…”

– (Dallas, TX)

“Really good strong pure rock with catchy melodies and very nice vocalwork… melodic while still rocking quite hard… bound to have a big break soon.”

– Strutter Magazine (Holland)

“...their Britpop-sounding alternative rock has depth and melodies with longevity... this is a band that actually writes thoughtful music... tunes that demand more than 2-3 turns in the stereo...”

- (Sweden)

“Auto Escape is the best I've ever heard from this genre from Dallas."

– Lindsay Graham, (podcast radio show) - None

""Turned Off" by Darryl Smyers"

"I have the emo bangs," laughs Donnie DeBoer, pulling his lengthy locks away from his face. The singer and main song-writer for local rockers Auto Escape smiles mischeivously as he makes fun of the genre in which he plies his own craft--though he's the first (and loudest) to disagree with such simple categorization.

"What we all are into," DeBoer says, "is as far left to right as you could possibly go." After a prolonged discussion concerning the merits of Radiohead and the Flaming Lips, about the only two artists that all four members can agree to liking are Incubus and Lauryn Hill.

"I knew this wouldn't make any sense," deadpans DeBoer. But it does, as one listen to Turn It Off, their most recent EP, will testify to the band's mining of classic rock influences (early Aerosmith, Big Star) and its estrangement from all things generically emo.

The group of 20-somethings has been together for two years, creating a sound that thankfully recalls Cheap Trick more than it does My Chemical Romance. Along with Donnie and his curious little brother Nathie (who swears his favorite album is A Christmas Together by John Denver and the Muppets), Auto Escape includes Grant Pittman and Matthew Melton. Together, this rather nondescript-looking quartet appears ready for a move out of local obscurity.

Tracks such as "White Roses" and "Falling Asleep in the Snow" from the recent EP, while leaning toward the mainstream, still crackle with compositional freshness and pop smarts that put Auto Escape ahead of their immensely popular yet emotionally pretentious brethren in the emo community. "I'm just a backseat driver waiting for an exit sign," DeBoer sings on "Backseat Driver," another solid new cut, unknowingly expressing a consistent theme: abandoning the horse you rode in on once some new territory is in view.

With a focus uncommon for a band so young, all four members of Auto Escape eschew hobbies or even guilty pleasures in a need to make their music consistently better. "I don't even own a TV," says bassist Melton, although he confesses that his musical single-mindedness has occasionally gotten the better of him. Once he watched his bass fly out of the back of his pickup while going down Central Expressway.

"I really cried that day," Melton says, shaking his head, still fixated on his misfortune. Better crack that anti-emo whip some more, DeBoer. - The Dallas Observer

""Auto Escape Explains Itself" by Hunter Hauk"

Up-and-coming Dallas rock band Auto Escape will play a show Saturday at The Door to celebrate the release of its new five-song EP, Turn It Off.

Since it's our life's mission to annoy everyone around us, we figured we'd really get under the skin of lead singer Donnie DeBoer. Musicians always cringe when you ask them, "So what's this song about?" Well, we challenged DeBoer to answer that question for all five tracks on his band's new EP. Here's what he gave us.

"White Roses" deals with all the ways we torture and mutilate our innocence. It is a confession song - a song about forgiving yourself and accepting the consequences. "I'm just another salesman with lies up my sleeves/No one believes me and I don't believe myself." I think that line sums up the feeling I had when writing this song.

"Backseat Driver" is about faking your way through life. We know we're doing it, but we do it anyway, and somehow that's acceptable and normal. "For the first time I slowed down at a stop sign and looked out at all of the pieces in this game/Waiting for a chance at fame/We're all the same because all our disguises and poses and one-liners never make it real/How does it feel?"

The image I had in my head when writing "Falling Asleep in the Snow" was of a beggar standing outside a window in the most bitter cold, watching people full of life and warmth and joy inside, knowing that he will never be welcome in that house. It is a very introspective, dark song for me. I have a lot of emotion tied to that song, and it always kinda rips me up when we play it live.

"Not What I Had in Mind" is the peak of the process. The storm before the calm. The song is about anger, resentment, fear, betrayal. The lyrics are an attempt to express what I think we all feel on some level: Why the hell am I here, and why does it hurt so much? Why are you ignoring me? "I bought you a pretty little dress and you take it off for everybody else/You take my heart and throw it on the floor/You taught me a pretty little song and I sing for you/But you're not listening." For some people, it's a song about cheating, and that's fine. I wrote it about God.

"Turn it Off" is meant to be your final thoughts before you fall asleep. When you lie there with dried tears all over your face and your stomach is torn up and sick, but you know the worst is over. - Quick (from The Dallas Morning News)


Hollywood EP (released January 2005)
Turn It Off EP (released January 2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


“Auto Escape combines great songwriting, melodies and performance in a way that is universally appealing … They are one of the best new bands around and I’m very excited about their future.”

- Chris Ryan, Music Director / DJ for KDGE 102.1 The Edge, Dallas, TX

Only a few months after forming in late-2004, Dallas quartet Auto Escape recorded their debut Hollywood EP and started performing live. They were immediately met with enthusiasm from both fans and local radio. In their first month as a performing band, Auto Escape was chosen by 102.1 The Edge (KDGE), Dallas’ biggest rock station, to headline their Local Show (airplay, on-air interview, and live performance). DJ and Music Director Chris Ryan became a strong supporter and continued to spin Auto Escape frequently. This caught the attention of producer Patrick Keel (Tripping Daisy, etc.), who invited the band to showcase at the 2005 Wildflower Festival on the main concert stage. Soon after, they were invited to perform at the 2005 North Texas New Music Festival. The ensuing buzz spread quickly. In January of 2006, Auto Escape released their eagerly awaited second EP, Turn It Off. Within a week of the release, 102.1 The Edge named Auto Escape their Hometown Heroes, featuring the new EP both online and on-air. In March, 2006, Auto Escape was nominated for the Dallas Observer Music Awards in the categories of Best New Act and Best Song. They are frequently ranked in the top 10 unsigned Texas bands on MySpace and their song “White Roses” is slated to be in an upcoming episode of the new Fox TV show Desire.

The young members of Auto Escape create dynamic, ground-breaking music that glues together the scattered fragments of modern rock. Smart, poignant lyrics, danceable grooves, and infectious melodies add up to a fresh, unique sound that is instantly engaging. Auto Escape acknowledges a wide array of influences past and present while continually pushing forward into new musical territory.

* Frequent airplay on KDGE 102.1 The Edge (Dallas’ biggest rock station) Local Show (Jan 2005-present)

* #1 rated and #1 most requested artist on internet radio (Dec 2005. Charts include all other significant indie/major artists)

* Chosen as KDGE 102.1 The Edge’s Hometown Heroes (featured online and on-air) (Jan 2006)

* Frequently rank in MySpace Top 10 Texas indie bands (Jan 2006-present)

* Nominated for Best New Act and Best Song in 2006 Dallas Observer Music Awards.

* “White Roses” will be featured on upcoming episode of new Fox TV show Desire (2007)

* “White Roses” featured on NY’s Breathru Radio (Jan 2007)

* RELEVANT Magazine “unsigned bands to watch in 2007” (March/April issue)

* #5 on Cashbox Magazine’s Top 10 unsigned bands (Jan 2007)

* “Falling Asleep in the Snow” featured as Song of the Month by Exodus Songwriter Consulting (Dec 2006)

* Opened for Candlebox @ Ridglea Theater, Ft. Worth, TX (Sep 2006)

* 2006 Wildflower Festival (main concert stage, with The Click Five

* 2005 Wildflower Festival (main concert stage, with Ryan Cabrera)