Autokarma is a band who plays melodic and heavy rock & roll music, with lyrics in the Norwegian tongue. The music and sound has been compared with other bands from Norway, such as Motorpsycho, Seigmen and Skambankt.


Autokarma is a hard rock band from Hamar, Norway. In October 2009, the band recorded their first album, Gaven, who’ll be released in early spring, 2010. Songs from the record will be on a documentary about the motorcycle crew, Outlawz, and will be shown on Norwegian television.
Now, the time has come for the band to head out to venues and festivals to play their awesome music.


Gaven - unreleased (yet)

Set List

Intro, Kong vinter, Hold hodet kaldt, På vei, Siste reis, Under kniven, Balansegang, Gaven, Lille mann, Trettende time, Rivaler, Nothing to say (cover)