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"Automatic live"

By Rina Dubosarski

The fog, the smoke, the introduction third band on [drum rolls] AUTOMATIC! The four-man band got on stage, they were the main band of the show, the third band of the show, and hands down to them they were the show! After over 2 hours of waiting, the AUTOMATIC foursome hit the stage rocking hard and rocking loud!

AUTOMATIC surprised me beyond belief; having unbelievably good music that made me totally forget about the rest of the show! The musicians were all without a doubt very talented, friendly, funny, and their pre-show nervousness made them that much better. Opening their show with a scream, they rocked the stage with their first song "The New Song." To my great surprise; one of the biggest critics I've ever met commented that "they should not be there, they're too good" and too good they were! Continuing their show with their set-list of: "Coming Down," "Bones," "Slow Motion," "Skin," "Rock Bottom," "That's Why," "Butter Cup," and closing their show with the last but certainly not least "Whiskey Drifters".

Hearing the few bands before was slightly disappointing as I sat and both watched and listened; AUTOMATIC assured that the show will speak for itself; and their performance definitely did. The band consisted of: a vocalist (one of the only metal/rock bands I've seen around with a main vocalist who doesn't play the guitar or bass; nonetheless he was a great singer and had great energy); guitarist (who also did back-up vocals and was friendly, talented, and a unique musician; deserving of 10 thumbs up! Unfortunately I only have two thumbs); a bass player (who also did back-up vocals - dare I say Polly Wants a Craaaaacker! A talent that rocked the show!); and of course the talented drummer (I'm not so sure about ghastly, but he did rock without taking a break!)

The foursome made it seem like a piece of cake performing with such great talent and such high energy. They went up on stage and provided 100% gorgeousness, and pure hard rock! As for the gorgeous part, I'm sure the girl up in the front would've agreed with me if she wasn't too busy staring at um well yeah

I advice all with no exceptions to go to their next show! You won't care who the other bands are, how much talent they have or lack thereof; AUTOMATIC will make up for all the lack and beat any talent! Such talent that they made me wonder what on Earth are they fucking doing in what I like to call the "Underground Kingdom of Music"? I give AUTOMATIC 9 out of 10, as there's always room for improvement, but for the underground music movement, that's about as wicked and talented as a band can get! - SPACE JUNKIES MAGAZINE

"Concert Review"

Concert Reviews Automatic @ The Kathedral - August 31, 2006, review by DJ Goldie

The Reverb has always been one of my favorite places to hang out. Located right on the southeast corner of Bathurst and Queen, it's hard to miss. If you're ever looking for a place to go chill and hear some local Indie music, The Reverb is definitely the place to be.

From the moment I got in, I could pick out the members of Automatic, not because I had met them before, but because of their funky hats. Each one of them was wearing a specific hat: a white top-hat for fUSER the guitarist, a baseball cap for Jesse the vocalist, a police hat for Cracker the bassist, and a fuzzy, shapeless hat that resembled a dead squirrel for their guest drummer. They were easy to spot in the crowd, walking around talking to everyone, taking photos with fans and just having a plain old good time.

Despite the name they've given themselves, they certainly were not running on auto-pilot. From the moment they stepped up onto the stage, the crowd got loud and noisy in anticipation of their first song. This being my first Automatic show, I was not sure what to expect. Yet from the moment that they began to play, I became an instant fan. The music was solid and well put-together. Strong riffs complimented the lyrics, creating a Rock n' Roll sound reminiscent of the 90s, but with their own distinctive flair. Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses, Alice in Chains and Queen are just some of their influences. From the beginning of their set to the end, the crowd just got louder and louder, cheering them on and dancing away to the catchy tunes.

Watch out for Automatic. They seem to be on the right track and are one of Toronto's must-see bands. - DJ Goldie


EP "Certified for Murder" available now, in association with Voodoo Records.

"Coming Down Off The Everything" was released in 2005 and shot up the charts to #1 on This song sits at #5 of all time in experimental rock.



Ready, Aim, FIRE!

Automatic is the synthesis of hard-driving original rock and roll with an unpredictable stage show that never ever disappoints. Playing everywhere in Southwestern Ontario, including multiple gigs at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Automatic is a outstanding name on the circuit. With core members Jon Doe on vocals and fUSER on guitar, this team brings the rock anthem to new heights. With new additions of Rupert Chrisant on bass and Just Jones on drums, Automatic steamrolls the competition with their enormous sound and energy, leaving fans sweaty and begging for more.